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Deshawn wants to create a simple design in which his words visually communicate his meaning. With which of the following should he be concerned?
a) Readability
b) Color profile
c) Typography
d) Visual hierarchy

Spencer is editing a photograph. Which of the following software programs should he use?
a) Adobe Illustrator
b) Adobe InDesign
c) Adobe Dreamweaver
d) Adobe Photoshop

What is an advantage of test printing a graphic design before sending it to a client?
a) Feathering
b) Visual hierarchy
c) Quality assurance
d) Text wrapping

Kalie is creating a flyer to be printed. Which of the following software programs should she use?
a) Adobe InDesign
b) Adobe Illustrator
c) Adobe Photoshop
d) Adobe Dreamweaver

Nick is creating a vector graphic that will go on a billboard. Which of the following software programs should he use?
a) Adobe Illustrator
b) Adobe InDesign
c) Adobe Dreamweaver
d) Adobe Photoshop

Which of the following is the last step to be completed before beginning the production stage of a graphic project?
a) Agree on the deadline
b) Show client sketches for approval
c) Establish the target audience
d) Decide on the purpose

Sarah has created a brochure. When she prints it, she notices that there is not enough vertical space between the lines in her paragraph. Which of the following should she adjust to correct this?
a) Kerning
b) Tracking
c) Serif
d) Leading

What is an advantage of providing a client with design comps for a graphic design?
a) They optimize the file for client use.
b) They dither the colors well.
c) They help the client make final decisions about the design.
d) They create visual hierarchy

Darrell is working with a team to design several items for a company. To ensure he is using the same colors for his design as the rest of the team, what would he and his team need to set up?
a) Master page
b) Visual hierarchy
c) Facing pages
d) Color gamut

Dottie and Tony are each creating page layouts for a newspaper. Their editor says that Dottie's page does a better at carrying the viewer's eye from one section to the next. Compared to Tony's page, which technique does Dottie's page utilize well?
a) Creating visual hierarchy
b) Utilizing white space
c) Setting margins
d) Feathering images

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