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Which statement concerning production of offspring is correct?
a) Production of offspring is necessary for a species to survive, but it is not necessary for an individual to survive.
b) An organism can reproduce without performing any of the other life processes
c) Production of offspring is necessary for an individual organism to survive, while the other life processes are important for
d) Reproduction is a process that requires gametes in all species.

In lakes in New York State that are exposed to acid rain, fish populations are declining. This is primarily due to changes in which lake condition?
a) size
b) temperature
c) pH
d) location

In 1995, during an Ebola virus outbreak, approximately 80% of the infected individuals died. Which statement is an inference that could be made based on this information?
a) The individuals who survived were able to produce antibodies against the Ebola virus
b) The individuals who survived were not exposed to the Ebola antigens
c) Eighty percent of the population had a natural immunity to the Ebola virus
d) Eighty percent of the population was infected with a viral antigen

Scientists studying ocean organisms are discovering new and unusual species. Which observation could be used to determine that an ocean organism carries out autotrophic nutrition?
a) Chloroplasts are visible inside the cells.
b) Digestive organs are visible upon dissection
c) (3) The organism lives close to the surface.
d) The organism synthesizes enzymes to digest food

An organelle that releases energy for metabolic activity in a nerve cell is the
a) chloroplast
b) mitochondria
c) vacuole
d) ribosome

Abiotic factors that characterize a forest ecosystem include
a) light and biodiversity
b) temperature and amount of available water
c) types of producers and decomposers
d) pH and number of heterotrophs

A student notices that fruit flies with the curlywing trait develop straight wings if kept at a temperature of 16В°C, but develop curly wings if kept at 25В°C. The best explanation for this observation is that
a) wing shape is controlled by behavior
b) wing shape is influenced by light intensity
c) gene expression can be modified by interactions with the environment
d) gene mutations for wing shape can occur at high temperatures

One season, there was a shortage of producers in a food web. As a result, the number of deer and wolves decreased. The reason that both the deer and wolf populations declined is that
a) producers are not as important as consumers in a food web
b) more consumers than producers are needed to support the food web
c) organisms in this food web are interdependent
d) populations tend to stay constant in a food web

In all organisms, the coded instructions for specifying the characteristics of the organism are directly determined by the arrangement of the
a) twenty kinds of amino acids in each protein
b) twenty-three pairs of genes on each chromosome
c) strands of simple sugars in certain carbohydrate molecules
d) four types of molecular bases in the genes

Which sequence shows a decreasing level of complexity?
a) organs в†’ organism в†’ cells в†’ tissues
b) organism в†’ cells в†’ organs в†’ tissues
c) cells в†’ tissues в†’ organs в†’ organism
d) organism в†’ organs в†’ tissues в†’ cells

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