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Which of the following acts made a crime to speak or write false or negative information about the government?
a) Alien Act
b) Treason Act
c) Naturalization Act
d) Sedition Act

In which area did the Land Act of 1800 sell land?
a) In the Northwest Territory (modern day Ohio, Indiana, Illinois)
b) On the Pacific Coast
c) The South
d) Canada

Which of the following describes a negative effect of the Land Act of 1800?
a) The Natives started many battles with the settlers in the new lands
b) William Henry Harrison becomes the governor of the new territories developed
c) Many people are foreclosed on when they cannot afford to pay for the loans they took out to buy land
d) The population of the United States increases

Which of the following is an effect of John Adams' appointing the 'midnight judges'?
a) The Supreme Court is shut down
b) The idea of judicial review is developed in the court case Marbury v. Madison
c) The Federalists once again take over the government
d) All judges appointed by Adams are fired when Jefferson takes office

Why did Adams appoint a large number of Federalist judges as 'midnight judges' the night before his Presidency ended?
a) He wanted the Federalists to maintain some control of the government
b) He felt like it
c) He hated Jefferson and wanted to ruin his presidency
d) He procrastinated on his paperwork

Who proposed the Land Act of 1800?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) John Adams
c) William Henry Harrison
d) George Washington

What event most likely caused the XYZ Affair?
a) Jay's Treaty
b) The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
c) The Alien and Sedition Acts
d) The Treaty of Paris

Why did John Adams send delegates over to France to meet with Charles de Talleyrand?
a) He wanted to make an alliance against the British
b) He wanted the French to stop attacking and seizing American ships
c) He wanted money from the French
d) He wanted to officially declare war against France

Which of the following is an effect of the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions?
a) John Adams gets more popular and reelected
b) The idea of states' rights is developed and strengthened
c) The Alien and Sedition Acts are cancelled because they are unconstitutional
d) The states gain more power than the national government

Who wrote the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions?
a) John Adams
b) Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin
c) James Madison and George Washington
d) Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

Which of the following was NOT an effect of the XYZ Affair?
a) Adams was so popular he got reelected
b) Undeclared naval war with France
c) The Federalist party was angry with Adams because he did not declare war against France
d) People became suspicious of immigrants from other countries, particularly France

Why did the Alien and Sedition Acts upset many citizens?
a) They allowed more immigrants into America
b) They forbid all immigration into America
c) They violated the Constitution
d) They were passed without the approval of Congress

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