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Why does oceanic crust subduct under continental crust?
a) Oceanic crust is more dense
b) Continental crust is more dense
c) Oceanic crust is more felsic
d) Continental crust is more mafic

Where in the continental US do we see evidence of plate movement?
a) The West Coast
b) Florida
c) The Midwest
d) The Southwest

What kind of plate boundary are subduction zones associated with?
a) Convergent
b) Divergent
c) Transform
d) Transfixed

What layer of Earth spins to create the magnetic field?
a) The liquid outer core
b) The asthenosphere
c) The solid inner core
d) The rigid upper mantle

What feature is associated with divergent plate boundaries?
a) Ridges
b) Trenches
c) Mountains
d) Glaciers

What happens to pressure and temperature as depth in Earth increases?
a) Pressure increases and temperature increases
b) Pressure decreases and temperature increases
c) Pressure increases and temperature decreases
d) Pressure decreases and temperature decreases

What layer of Earth could have a pressure of 2.4 million atmospheres and a temperature of 5,700 degrees C?
a) The outer core
b) The inner core
c) The asthenosphere
d) The crust

What kind of plate boundary is between the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Plate?
a) Convergent
b) Divergent
c) Transform
d) Transect

What kind of plate boundary is between the Scotia Plate and the Antarctic Plate?
a) Transform
b) Divergent
c) Convergent
d) Convoluted

What tectonic plate does Hawaii sit on?
a) The Pacific Plate
b) The Sandwich Plate
c) The Indian-Australian Plate
d) The Nazca Plate

Which 2 layers of Earth make up the lithospheric plates?
a) The crust and rigid mantle
b) The asthenosphere and stiffer mantle
c) The stiffer mantle and outer core
d) The crust and the asthenosphere

What happens to the seafloor as it moves farther away from a ridge?
a) It gets older
b) It gets younger
c) It gets less dense
d) It gets hotter

Where are volcanoes and earthquakes most commonly found?
a) At plate boundaries
b) In the middle of tectonic plates
c) In the Southern Hemisphere
d) Along the equator

Why do plates move apart at mid-ocean ridges?
a) Rising magma creates convection currents
b) Sinking magma pulls plates back down into the mantle
c) Plates do not move apart at mid-ocean ridges
d) The density of magma pushes the plates apart

Where is Earth's crust the thickest?
a) The Himalayan Mountains
b) The Mid-Atlantic Ridge
c) The Mariana Trench
d) The San Andreas Fault

Compared to the asthenosphere, Earth's crust is
a) Thinner and less dense
b) Thinner and more dense
c) Thicker and less dense
d) Thicker and more dense

How many different types of plate boundaries are there around the Pacific Plate?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1

What is a piece of evidence that the seafloor at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is moving apart?
a) Material gets denser and colder farther away from the ridge
b) Material gets denser and warmer farther away from the ridge
c) Material gets denser and younger farther away from the ridge
d) Material gets warmer and older farther away from the ridge

Which temperature could exist in Earth's inner core?
a) 6,000 degrees C
b) 2,000 degrees C
c) 3,500 degrees C
d) 5,000 degrees C

Which plate subducts when two continental plates collide?
a) Neither
b) The young one
c) The oceanic plate
d) The lower density plate

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