Latin America Environmental Issues Question Preview (ID: 22824)

Oil Pollution, Air Pollution, And Deforestation In LA.

Which is an an effect on deforestation on the Amazon Rain Forest?
a) mining has left an ugly scar on the landscape
b) increased oxygen in the air
c) trees are regrowing
d) the Greenhouse Effect is improving

Which is NOT a cause for deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest?
a) cutting down forests to plant crops
b) cattle ranching
c) building dams
d) mining

Cutting down trees in the Amazon Rain Forest causes there to be less of which of these gases that we need to survive?
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) sulfur dioxide
d) propane

Which are effects on air pollution in Mexico City?
a) trees die and water is polluted
b) soil is depleted of nutrients
c) cancer and radiation poisoning
d) breathing problems and lung disease

What is the environmental issue of Brazil?
a) surfing in Rio de Janiero
b) deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest
c) building houses in Brasilia
d) shipping in the Amazon River

What geographic feature adds to the air pollution issue in Mexico City?
a) airplanes
b) mountains
c) rivers
d) cars

Which DOES NOT contribute to the air pollution problem in Mexico City?
a) 19 million people live in Mexico City
b) factories and cars put lead and sulfur dioxide in the air
c) older cars produce more pollution
d) carpooling and riding the bus to work

Emissions in Mexico City come from:
a) car exhausts and factories burning coal and oil
b) wind turbines and solar panels
c) electric cars and businesses that use green energy
d) hydroelectric power and

What is the environmental issue for Mexico City?
a) Water Pollution
b) Acid Rain
c) Air Pollution
d) Radiation Poisoning

What harmful gas do trees of the Amazon Rain Forest trap?
a) oxygen
b) methane
c) carbon dioxide
d) water vapor

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