SS.8.A.3.12 George Washington Question Preview (ID: 22822)

SS.8.A.3.12- Examine The Influences Of George Washington’s Presidency In The Formation Of The New Nation.

Which of the following term describes a tradition set that others later follow?
a) Precedent
b) Amendment
c) Propaganda
d) Customary duty

Which of the following is not a precedent set by George Washington?
a) Only serving two terms
b) Having a cabinet
c) Being called Mr. President
d) Having a first lady to help him make decisions

In what treaty did Spain allow the U.S to use the Mississippi River and the Port of New Orleans in exchange for a promise of peace?
a) Jay's Treaty
b) Treaty of Greenville
c) Pinckney's Treaty (Treaty of San Lorenzo)
d) Treaty of Paris

Who did George Wahsington send to neogtiate with the British after the British attacked many American ships that believed were bringing supplies to France?
a) Thomas Pinckney
b) John Jay
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) John Adams

Who was George Washington's Secretary of the Treasury and handled most of the country's economic issues during his presidency?
a) John Jay
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) John Adams

What was it called when there was a large uprising of farmers in the West due to a certain tax?
a) Shay's Rebellion
b) Bacon's Rebellion
c) Brown's Rebellion
d) Whiskey Rebellion

Which two countries wanted America's assistance in the war they fighting during George Washington's Presidency?
a) Mexico and Canada
b) France and Spain
c) France and Britain
d) Britain and Germany

What battle against the Natives convinced them to move west and give up much of their land in the Ohio Territory to the Americans in the Treaty of Greenville?
a) Saratoga
b) Montreal
c) Fallen Timbers
d) Tippecanoe

Which of the following is not an idea presented by George Washington in his Farewell Address?
a) Political parties are not good for the country
b) Education is important so that we have educated citizens who can make good decisions
c) All presidents should only serve two terms
d) Dividing the country North, South, East, and West would cause problems

What treaty with the British angered Americans because it did nothing to solve the issue of British impressment and attacking American trade ships?
a) Jay's Treaty
b) Pinckney's Treaty
c) Treaty of Paris
d) Treaty of Greenville

Which of the following was George Washington's title during the Revolutionary War?
a) President
b) Leader of the Contitnental Congress
c) Commander of the Continental Army
d) General Major of Military Strategy

When faced with a large national debt following the Revolutionary War, what did Hamilton choose to do?
a) Pay off all debts immediatley
b) Pay off foreign debts first, postpone the paying back of bonds to American citizens
c) Have each state contribute what they owe to the national debt
d) Open a national bank to print more money

In order to get the South to agree to assist in paying off all the States' debt from the Revolutionary War, what did Washington and Hamilton have to agree to?
a) Letting the Southern states have more votes in Congress
b) Opening a National Bank
c) Moving the Capital to Washington D.C
d) Name Thomas Jefferson the next President

What did Thomas Jefferson argue was unconstitutional because it wasn't explicitly outlined in the Constitution?
a) A National Bank
b) Paying off the debt
c) The Bill of Rights
d) The creation of the Cabinet

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