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Scientists in the United States, Europe, and Africa have now suggested that the hippopotamus is a relative of the whale. Earlier studies placed the hippo as a close relative of wild pigs, but recent studies have discovered stronger evidence for the c
a) genetic engineering was involved in the earlier theories
b) structural evidence is the best evolutionary factor to consider
c) natural selection does not occur in hippo - potamuses
d) scientific explanations are tentative and subject to change

A stable ecosystem would not contain
a) materials being cycled
b) consumers without producers
c) decomposers
d) a constant source of energy

Many viruses infect only a certain type of cell because they bind to certain
a) other viruses on the surface of the cell
b) mitochondria in the cell
c) hormones in the cell
d) receptor sites on the surface of the cell

The respiratory system includes a layer of cells in the air passages that clean the air before it gets to the lungs. This layer of cells is best classified as
a) a tissue
b) an organ
c) an oranelle
d) an organ system

Abiotic factors that could affect the stability of an ecosystem could include
a) hurricanes, packs of wolves, and temperature
b) blizzards, heat waves, and swarms of grasshoppers
c) droughts, floods, and heat waves
d) species of fish, number of decomposers, and supply of algae

Mustard gas removes guanine (G) from DNA. For developing embryos, exposure to mustard gas can cause serious deformities because guanine
a) stores the building blocks of proteins
b) supports the structure of ribosomes
c) produces energy for genetic transfer
d) is part of the genetic code

Which observation could best be used to indicate an evolutionary relationship between two species?
a) They have similar base sequences.
b) They have similar fur color.
c) They inhabit the same geographic regions.
d) They occupy the same niche.

Limited resources contribute to evolutionary change in animals by increasing
a) genetic variation within the population
b) competition between members of the species
c) the carrying capacity for the species
d) the rate of photosynthesis in the population

A species in a changing environment would have the best chance of survival as a result of a mutation that has a
a) high adaptive value and occurs in its skin cells
b) low adaptive value and occurs in its skin cells
c) high adaptive value and occurs in its gametes
d) low adaptive value and occurs in its gametes

German measles is a disease that can harm an embryo if the mother is infected in the early stages of pregnancy because the virus that causes German measles is able to
a) be absorbed by the embryo from the mother’s milk
b) be transported to the embryo in red blood cells
c) pass across the placenta
d) infect the eggs

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