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Once the states ratify a constitutional amendment what happens?
a) it officially becomes part of the Constitution
b) it goes to the president for his signature
c) it goes to Congress for a 2/3 vote in each house
d) nothing

Where are the goals and purposes of the Constitution listed?
a) Bill of Rights
b) the Preamble
c) Article IV
d) Article V

All of the following are examples of how the US influences foreign policy except
a) foreign aid programs
b) alliances and military action
c) isolation
d) Economic sanctions

Which of the following is a foreign policy goal for the US?
a) spreading christianity
b) spreading democracy
c) spreading our military technology
d) imperialism

All the following would describe a US citizen except?
a) born to at least one parent who is a US citizen
b) born in the US
c) someone who came from a different country and has worked in the US for 20 years
d) someone who was naturalized in the US

How many electoral votes are needed to win the presidency?
a) 280
b) 271
c) 250
d) 270

How many votes are needed in the US House and Senate for a Constitutional Amendment to pass?
a) 2/3
b) 3/4
c) 1/3
d) 1/2

How many states must approve an Amendment in order for it to become part of the Constitution?
a) 1/2
b) 3/4
c) 2/3
d) 1/3

How many total electoral college votes are there?
a) 535
b) 435
c) 538
d) 270

All of the following describe the Bill of Rights except
a) they protect individual liberties
b) the are the first 10 amendments
c) they were added to help ratify the Constitutuion
d) they include all 27 amendments

All of the following are examples of civic duties except
a) voting
b) paying your taxes
c) jury duty
d) if you are a male registering for Selective Service

When power is divided between the national governments and state governments it is called
a) Democracy.
b) Oligarchy.
c) Unitary Control.
d) Federalism

Article II of the Constitution describes.....
a) the BIll of Rights
b) the Legislative Branch
c) the Judicial Branch
d) the Executive Branch

Article III of the Constitution describes.....
a) the Executive Branch
b) the Judicial Branch
c) the Legislative Branch
d) the BIll of Rights

Which of the following are ways people and businesses can influence foreign policy except
a) protest human rights violations
b) volunteer in the developing world
c) boycott foreign goods
d) all of the above are true

A document that provides the rules for a goverment is called a
a) Preamble.
b) Declaration.
c) Constitution.
d) Introduction to Government

Article I of the Constitution describes.....
a) the Executive Branch
b) the Legislative Branch
c) the Judicial Branch
d) the BIll of Rights

What is a Democracy?
a) Citizens rule.
b) A dictator rules.
c) A few people rule
d) A king or Queen rule

The international organization that reach the most people and areas is
d) UN

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