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Which of the following is a policy that the WNJ company might implement to reinforce its image as an efficient and responsive business?
a) Requiring employees to respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours
b) Requesting that employees sign their time cards at the end of a pay period
c) Ensuring that employees wear clean uniforms during their shifts
d) Allowing employees to establish their own service standards

A business's brand promise is what the business intends to
a) name its product
b) sell to the target market
c) provide the customer
d) use as a trademark

One way a company can reinforce its image is by
a) developing a financial plan
b) training its employees
c) conducting a competitive analysis
d) identifying economic resources

John communicates through all advertisements that his employees go through extensive training. What is John doing?
a) Making a brand promise
b) Developing a campaign platform
c) Stating industry policies
d) Establishing product position

What is an example of an employee reinforcing a firm's image through his/her job performance/
a) A customer waits on the telephone for several minutes while Matt confirms shipping information.
b) Susan advises her customer that the sofa is only available by special order
c) Jack politely asks if his customer would like a beverage while s/he waits for car service.
d) Angela, a human resources manager, prepares the firm's employee newsletter every month

What will probably happen to a business if it continuously fails to deliver on its brand promise?
a) Lose credibility
b) Improve sales volume
c) Increase market share
d) Decrease liability

One way of reinforcing the company's image through employee performance is by making sure employees have
a) thorough knowledge of the products
b) comfortable work stations
c) generous pay and benefit plans
d) full access to customer databases

Geri asked a salesperson about some features of the new Samsung Android cellular telephone. Since the salesperson was not aware of the features, what should he do?
a) Tell the customer to contact the manufacturer
b) Explain that s/he is new and doesn't know
c) Try to serve the customer as best s/he can
d) Ask an available, experienced employee

josh wants to know more about the benefits of his new iPad. What about the iPad does he want to know?
a) What is the warranty?
b) What is it?
c) What is the price?
d) What's in it for me?

A customer askes a specific product question that a new salesperson cannot answer. What should the new salesperson do?
a) Tell the customer to contact the manufacturer
b) Explain that s/he is new and doesn't know
c) Try to serve the customer as best s/he can
d) Ask an available, experienced employee

How does a feature-benefit chart help a salesperson?
a) Evaluates customer reaction to the presentation
b) Explains the business's compensation rate to the salesperson
c) Determines which features and benefits appeal to each customer
d) Provides a quick reference to the salesperson about the product

What type of product information might a salesperson be able to obtain from a manufacturer's representative?
a) How the product is made
b) What credit terms are available
c) How the product became popular
d) What inventory method to use

What is a product benefit that a salesperson might point out to a customer who wants to buy a computer?
a) monitor has a nonglare screen
b) pre-installed software saves money
c) Print capability is optional
d) Models are available in many colors

The phase of the selling process that includes writing up the order is
a) discovering needs
b) prescribing solutions
c) reaching closure
d) establishing relationships

What should a salesperson remember to do during the closing phase of the selling process?
a) Show the customer a product
b) put the customer at ease
c) Ask the customer questions
d) Ask the customer to buy

Determine whether the following statement is true or false: All salespeople should use the step of the selling process in which a relationship is established with the customer
a) False, retail salespeople do not need this step
b) True, all salespeople make every contact permanent
c) False, industrial salespeople do not need this step
d) True, this is an important step for all salespeople.

Which of the following is part of establishing relationships with customers?
a) Using suggestion selling
b) Probing
c) Reaching closure
d) Sizing up the customer

A customer purchased dining room furniture that retails for $750.00 at 33% off. The sales tax rate is 5%, and delivery is $25. What is the total cost of the purchase?
a) $527.50
b) $553.88
c) $527.33
d) $552.63

A 589 shipment is sent by motor freight at a rate of $11.56 per 100 pounds. What are the shipping charges?
a) $68.09
b) $67.08
c) $66.08
d) $69.09

A chair was purchased for $279.00, and the tax rate is 6%. What is the amount of tax?
a) $15.34
b) $16.74
c) $15.86
d) $14.74

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