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What word describes a bathroom in a castle?
a) Garderobes
b) Crenelations
c) Trebuchets
d) Ballista

Which of the following words is a ditch around a castle?
a) Ditch
b) Moat
c) Ballista
d) Barbican

What is a drawbridge
a) A ditch filled with water around a castle.
b) The tooth like parts of the upper wall.
c) A bridge that can be raised or lowered to allow or deny access to a castle.
d) A way of digging under a castle.

What do we call the twisting road going up to a castle that make people slow down?
a) Barbican
b) Portcullis
c) Trebuchets
d) Ballista

What are the narrow slits in a castle called?
a) Garderobes
b) Portcullis
c) Battering Ram
d) Arrow Loops

What are the jig saw puzzle looking pieces at the top of a castle?
a) Crenellations
b) Portcullis
c) Trebuchets
d) Ballista

What is the name of the gate used to trap attackers of a castle?
a) Drawbridge
b) Portcullis
c) Barbican
d) Garderobes

What is the name of the machines used to throw rocks at a castle?
a) Moats
b) Portcullis
c) Trebuchets
d) Crenellations

What machine would be used to punch a hole in the wall of a castle?
a) Trebuchets
b) Ballista
c) Portcullis
d) Battering Ram

What is the name of the giant crossbows used to launch hugh arrows at the castle?
a) Ballista
b) Arrow Loops
c) Moat
d) Battering Ram

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