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Which of the following is NOT a function of the skeletal system?
a) Transports materials around the body
b) Stores important minerals
c) Helps you move and balance
d) Makes blood

What cushions your bones to make sure that they don't scratch against one another?
a) Cartilage
b) Tendons
c) Ligaments
d) Plasma

Which of the following connects bones together?
a) Ligaments
b) Tendons
c) Cartilage
d) Plasma

A place where two or more bones meet is called a _____________________________
a) joint
b) cartilage
c) tendon
d) socket

Which type of joint allows the MOST movement?
a) ball and socket
b) hinge
c) gliding
d) pivot

Your neck moving from side to side is an example of which kind of joint?
a) pivot
b) gliding
c) hinge
d) immovable

Joints that you can't move, like the joints in your skull, are called what?
a) Immovable
b) Hinge
c) Ball and socket
d) Pivot

Where in your body can you find a GLIDING joint?
a) Finger
b) Wrist
c) Shoulder
d) Elbow

Where in your body can you find a BALL AND SOCKET joint?
a) Shoulder
b) Finger
c) Knee
d) Eyelid

Which of the following is NOT an example of a hinge joint?
a) Skull
b) Jaw
c) Elbow
d) Knee

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