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The cell part that gives structure to plant cells is the
a) vacuole
b) cell membrane
c) cell wall
d) DNA

A gel-like substance in both plant and animal cells is
a) DNA
b) cytoplasm
c) mitochondria
d) chloroplast

The role of the mitochondria is to
a) use oxygen to break down food and release energy
b) enclose the cell
c) capture light energy for photosynthesis
d) store DNA

Plant cells have chloroplasts to
a) protect DNA
b) distribute proteins
c) contain food and water
d) aid in photosynthesis

A system of tubes that transports proteins is the
a) endoplasmic reticulum
b) nucleus
c) cell membrane
d) vacuole

A container of food, water and waste is a
a) ribosome
b) vacuole
c) lysosome
d) cytoplasm

The break down of food is
a) digestion
b) carbohydrates
c) protein
d) respiration

Sugars and starches used for energy are
a) carbohydrates
b) proteins
c) minerals
d) organelles

Found in both plant and animal cells is the
a) cell wall
b) chloroplast
c) large vacuole
d) cell membrane

The correct order from smallest to largest is
a) cell - organelle - organism
b) organism - organelle - cell
c) organelle - cell - organism
d) organelle - organism - cell

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