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What is NOT a function of the muscular system?
a) Transport blood around the body
b) Helps provide balance
c) Helps with important functions like breathing and thinking
d) Helps you move

Which of the following is an INVOLUNTARY muscle movement?
a) Your heart beating
b) Your leg kicking
c) Your finger grabbing a pencil
d) Your head turning

Which of the following is a VOLUNTARY muscle movement?
a) Your leg kicking
b) Your heart beating
c) Your stomach digesting food
d) Your brain thinking

Your muscles work _________________
a) In Pairs
b) in groups of 3
c) in groups of 4
d) by themselves

You're trying to pick up a pencil. As your bicep contracts, what does your tricep do?
a) Relaxes
b) Also contracts
c) Does nothing
d) Stretched out

What does 'contract' mean?
a) Get shorter and bunches up
b) Get longer and stretches thin
c) Moves
d) Remains still

Your muscular system works most closely with which body system to help you move?
a) Skeletal
b) Circulatory
c) Respiratory
d) Digestive

Which of the following is NOT part of your muscular system?
a) Bones
b) Brain
c) Bicep
d) Heart

Which of the following connects muscles to bones?
a) Tendons
b) Ligaments
c) Cartilage
d) Plasma

A muscle that moves by itself without you needing to control it is called _______________
a) involuntary
b) voluntary
c) chemical
d) mechanical

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