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Which of the following is an example of MECHANICAL digestion?
a) Wavelike motions in your stomach to mix food
b) Enzymes in saliva breaking down your food into nutrients
c) Bile in your stomach tearing nutrients out of food
d) Villi in your small intestine tearing nutrients out of food

Once your food breaks down into smaller nutrients, which organ system helps carry it around to all the cells in your body?
a) Circulatory
b) Respiratory
c) Skeletal
d) Muscular

Your mouth is the first stop of which two organ systems?
a) Digestive and Respiratory
b) Muscular and Skeletal
c) Circulatory and Digestive
d) Respiratory and Muscular

The stomach and tongue are part of the digestive system. What other system are they a part of?
a) Muscular
b) Skeletal
c) Circulatory
d) Respiratory

A liquid called _________________ helps break down food in the stomach
a) Bile
b) Saliva
c) Blood
d) Mucus

In which part of the digestive system are nutrients absorbed?
a) Small Intestine
b) Large Intestine
c) Gall Bladder
d) Stomach

The tube that connects your mouth to your stomach is called your ______________
a) esophagus
b) trachea
c) windpipe
d) small intestine

Where in your body does digestion begin?
a) Mouth
b) Esophagus
c) Stomach
d) Small Intestine

What is NOT a function of the Digestive System?
a) Transport materials around the body
b) Break large pieces of food into smaller pieces
c) Get rid of waste
d) Chemically break down food into nutrients

Which of the following is an example of CHEMICAL digestion?
a) Enzymes in your saliva breaking apart food into nutrients
b) Teeth mashing your food into smaller pieces
c) Muscles in your stomach moving in wavelike motions to mix food
d) Food being pushed and packaged into solids in your small intestine

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