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a) the outside of something
b) between something
c) being the smallest of something
d) the inside of something

a) inner layer of something
b) to go below something
c) outer layer of something
d) a quiet whisper

a) to be invited into
b) to interrupt or force into place
c) someone who is rude
d) a piece that fits just right

a) something that is ridiculous
b) not enough room
c) lots of room or space
d) remember....cious sounds like shush

a) to find the position of
b) a secret hiding spot
c) releasing a balloon into the atmosphere
d) ignore a question

a) shaped like a pyramid
b) to make loud
c) a person who lives on the streets
d) an incline connecting two levels

a) to pass a note
b) a pathway for traveling or an entry in a book
c) a type of vegetable
d) to run very fast

a) prey or something that is pursued or chased, like a mouse
b) predator
c) remember....qua sounds like qwa
d) qua

a) the whole piece
b) amount, share or part of something, like a portion of the pie
c) tion
d) remember tion sounds like shun

a) hated
b) cious
c) greatly loved or treasured
d) remember....cious sounds like shush

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