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What class are mound or field members of?
a) Spiders
b) Bus
c) Insects
d) Canine

What can other types of ants do to mound or field ants?
a) make them into soldiers
b) make them into queens
c) make them into kings
d) make them into slaves

What is the personality of mound or field ants?
a) very aggresive and dangerous
b) not very willful or aggressive
c) strong willed and very agressive
d) so timid that they die from fright if anone approaches them

What type of mound or field animals live in their colonies?
a) a queen, workers, and some males
b) a queen and thousands of males
c) workers and kings
d) kings and queens

How long is a mound or field ant?
a) 1/4 feet
b) 4 inches
c) 1/4 inches
d) 1 foot

What color are mound or field ants?
a) reddish brown to black
b) black spotted with red dots
c) white with black legs
d) light green with black stripes

Where do mound or field ants nest?
a) in the top of high trees
b) under water
c) above ground
d) undergound

What do mound or filed ants eat?
a) wood
b) sawdust
c) mostly honeydew, a sugary liquid make by other insects like aphids and scales
d) other ants

Where do mound or field ants live?
a) all over the United States
b) all over the world
c) all over Alaska
d) all over Egypt

What is the scientific name of mound or field ants?
a) Formica blackish
b) Formica exsectoides
c) Exectoides formica
d) Formica Sinkes

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