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Which of the following may help to develop a career plan?
a) Co-workers
b) Family
c) Skills and aptitudes
d) Work experiences

Which characteristic might be an area of strength for an individual with a Thinker work type personality?
a) Effective conflict management skills
b) Great administrative operational skills
c) Uncomfortable with risk-taking
d) Systematic problem solving

When a student is identifying people and resources to assist with career plans, the following should be considered:
a) Only Internet resources.
b) Only the wishes of one's family.
c) Reliable resources.
d) Printed material only.

Which is the most effective written message?
a) Meeting tomorrow-9:00
b) There will be a sales team meeting tomorrow at 9:0a.m.
c) There will be a meeting.
d) There's a meeting of the sales dept. tomorrow.

Reading is important in the workplace because of the need to read:
a) Shakespeare's great works.
b) A co-worker's e-mail.
c) Instructions from the supervisor.
d) TV Guide.

Which statement is grammatically correct?
a) She brung the new parts for us to use.
b) This manual explains how to do it.
c) It don't seem like quitting time already.
d) Was you aware of the problem?

Making career decisions while in high school gives a student time to:
a) Work full time.
b) Play competitive sports.
c) Run for class officer.
d) Select appropriate courses.

A career consultation is:
a) A discussion for seeking career advice.
b) A job-site visitation.
c) The same as job-shadowing.
d) Only useful if conducted at the work-site.

Employment Forecasters predict greater than average job growth in:
a) Agriculture.
b) Sewing.
c) Retail.
d) Textile occupations.

For a student entering the medical field, which career-technical course would be most helpful in high school?
a) Welding
b) Allied Health Sciences
c) Culinary arts
d) Construction technology

Being healthy can help a person's career by:
a) Giving the energy needed to perform the job.
b) Preventing being alert.
c) Promoting conflict with coworkers.
d) Encouraging absenteeism.

If your ultimate goal is to become a lawyer, then your career plan should include:
a) Completing an apprenticeship.
b) Continuing education beyond a bachelor's degree.
c) Going to a community college.
d) Going into the military.

All are important reasons to consider extracurricular/ CTS activities as part of the individual career plan EXCEPT:
a) Developing valuable transferable skills.
b) Developing interpersonal skills.
c) Participating in volunteer activities.
d) Participating in social activities.

A book that describes various careers and the future for those careers:
a) Dictionary of Occupational Titles.
b) Occupational Outlook Handbook.
c) Guide for Occupational Exploration.
d) Exploring Career Decisions Curriculum Guide.

Which is NOT a major factor to consider in setting career goals?
a) Values.
b) Interests.
c) Family income.
d) Aptitude and ability.

Training at this type of school is for a specific job or trade.
a) Four-year college
b) Charter school
c) Community college
d) Proprietary school

A reference letter is the same as a letter of:
a) Interest.
b) Recommendation.
c) Resignation.
d) Verifiable employment.

To get along better with your co-workers:
a) Listen and answer questions briefly and positively.
b) Always tell the supervisor what co-workers say.
c) Don't say anything to anyone.
d) Ask the supervisor before repeating gossip.

Which developmental group is mainly concerned with providing for a family?
a) Infants
b) Older adults
c) Middle-aged adults
d) Adolescents

If an individual has a Holland code suggesting Enterprising strengths, a career in which field might he most satisfying?
a) Hospitality
b) Teaching
c) Finance
d) Science

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