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A tentative goal for post-secondary career/education plans ensures that:
a) Will prepare the student for postsecondary choice.
b) Scholarship money will be available.
c) The student will be successful throughout life.
d) There will be plenty of jobs in the student's chosen field.

Wanting to live near the ocean someday is an example of which type of goal?
a) Family
b) Career
c) Educational
d) Lifestyle

College information specific to North Carolina can be accessed at which Internet site?

One's environment includes all EXCEPT:
a) Home.
b) Goals.
c) School.
d) Community.

The workplace of today must be dedicated to:
a) Excellence in skills and personal qualities.
b) Maintain workers at the present level.
c) Continue to work as usual.
d) Use management control of workers.

Part of workplace etiquette is to avoid:
a) Dressing neatly.
b) Gossiping.
c) Smiling at others.
d) Calling people by name.

A postsecondary school where a student might receive a bachelor's degree in a specific discipline is a:
a) College or university.
b) Community college.
c) Graduate school.
d) Professional school.

A TV announcer is a job in which career cluster?
a) Human services
b) Transportation, distribution and logistics
c) Government and public administration
d) Arts, audiovisual technology and communications

Careers considered non-traditional for men include careers in:
a) Science.
b) Nursing.
c) Construction.
d) Agriculture.

Having excellent grades in math and science means that a person may be successful in the career field of:
a) Communications.
b) Engineering.
c) Business.
d) Travel/Tourism.

Two Internet resources with specific North Carolina career information include:
a) and
b) and
c) and
d) and

When considering a student for admission, most colleges look at all of the following EXCEPT:
a) The courses that a student has taken.
b) The grades that a student has earned.
c) How many of the faculty a student knows.
d) The school and community activities that the student has been involved in.

When evaluating a specific career, consider:
a) Working conditions.
b) Extra-curricular activities.
c) Gender of the supervisor.
d) If friends work there.

A key quality of success for an entrepreneur is:
a) Letting someone else manage the project.
b) Using only personal resources.
c) Not taking risks.
d) Being innovative.

Criticism that is presented in a way that can help a person learn and grow is:
a) Destructive.
b) Constructive.
c) Always presented in a group.
d) Only from the supervisor.

Planning to work as a salesperson before becoming a retail store manager is a:
a) Lifestyle.
b) Long-term goal.
c) Medium-term goal.
d) Stepping-stone goal.

Vocational rehabilitation services are:
a) Free only to those who are physically handicapped.
b) Free only to those who are mentally handicapped.
c) Available only to those persons who are at least 21 years old.
d) Free to those who meet the legal eligibility guidelines.

When researching careers, it is best to start by:
a) Using O*Net and the OOH.
b) Asking the librarian.
c) Looking only at encyclopedias.
d) Using the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature.

The Family Medical Leave Act was designed to cover:
a) Females only.
b) Males only.
c) Children only.
d) Males and females.

A person can judge the success of a decision by asking:
a) Did the decision help me meet my goal?
b) Am I making any money?
c) Did I follow all the steps in the process correctly?
d) Am I using all of my skills and training?

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