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Having a written career plan can help assure that:
a) Students will be unable to change their mind.
b) Parents will be happy with the student's decisions.
c) Students will have better career direction.
d) Students will never have to use their plan.

When faced with many possible career choices, a student should:
a) Randomly choose one.
b) Choose the one in which you make the most money.
c) Relate the choice to your personal characteristics/information.
d) Ask your parents to decide.

A step-by-step plan of action including career information influenced by an individual's ultimate career goal is known as a:
a) Career objective.
b) Career plan.
c) Transcript.
d) Thesis.

Unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature is:
a) Stereotyping.
b) Sexual harassment.
c) Gender grouping.
d) Gender bias.

When finishing the test before time is called:
a) Make sure all questions are answered.
b) Turn in the test immediately.
c) Read the whole test again.
d) Rest for the next test.

Which of the following should NOT be included as activities on a career plan?
a) Education and training
b) Extracurricular/volunteer activities
c) Job research
d) Work experience

In the decision-making process, what should be done when having trouble thinking of possible alternatives?
a) Avoid a decision
b) Do some research
c) Let someone else make the decision
d) Make an impulse decision

A career plan for high school ensures that:
a) A student will take appropriate courses in high school.
b) Scholarship money will be available.
c) The student will be successful throughout life.
d) There will be plenty of jobs in that field.

Which is NOT a major factor is setting career goals?
a) Values.
b) Interests.
c) Friends.
d) Aptitude.

Which statement describes the best way to tell someone that their performance is inadequate?
a) YOU don't have any of the skills necessary to do this job and don't have the ability to learn them.
b) Your strengths are in customer service, but you need to improve equipment operation skills.
c) You never do anything right.
d) YOU dress professionally, but don't act professionally.

Which group is most influenced by peer pressure?
a) Infants
b) Teenagers
c) Adults
d) Senior citizens

Which is true of the current workplace?
a) Less competition for jobs
b) Fewer female workers
c) Increased use of technology
d) Simpler, lower-level jobs

A chart used to rank possible career choices for a career plan a personal:
a) Career plan.
b) Career profile form.
c) Choice chart.
d) Evaluation chart.

Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees are awarded by:
a) Colleges and universities.
b) Community colleges.
c) Proprietary schools.
d) Vocational schools.

Which North Carolina resource will help you match your interests with possible occupations?
a) America's Job Bank
b) NC Careers
c) North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
d) State Employees Credit Union

Having strong ability in English and Theatre Arts means that a person may be successful in the career field of:
a) Travel/Tourism
b) Engineering.
c) Business.
d) Communications.

The key reason for giving a person constructive criticism is to:
a) Pay back criticism.
b) Indicate an area that needs improvement.
c) Discourage initiative.
d) Provide grounds for dismissal.

A natural reaction to the demands of daily life is:
a) Mediation.
b) Fighting.
c) Stress.
d) Depression.

If an ultimate goal is to become a physical therapist, a career plan should include:
a) Completing an apprenticeship.
b) Getting a bachelor's degree.
c) Going into the military.
d) Going to a community college.

Major classification systems for occupations include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) Standard Occupational Classification.
b) US Office of Education career clusters.
c) Standard Industrial Classification.
d) Computerized Career Information System.

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