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Which person usually makes the best reference for a job applicant?
a) Family member
b) Previous employer
c) Friend
d) Co-worker

Every postsecondary educational institution requires:
a) A portfolio.
b) An essay.
c) Letters of recommendation.
d) An application for admission.

Which of the following would NOT have been a concern for workers in the 1950s?
a) Labor unions
b) Assemble lines
c) Internet
d) Mass production concepts

A person with a lawn-mowing business has an outdoor:
a) Retail business.
b) Work environment.
c) Career Center.
d) Interest Inventory.

Anyone who receives feedback should:
a) Be offended.
b) Be resentful.
c) Use it to gain revenge on the sender.
d) Use it as an opportunity to learn.

A cover letter is:
a) Not necessary.
b) A thank you letter.
c) Sent with a resume.
d) A generic letter.

Learning through the use of language in reading and writing is which learning preference?
a) Kinesthetic
b) Logical
c) Spatial
d) Linguistic

A group of people who are caring for both their parents and their children are called:
a) Generation X.
b) Generation Y.
c) The sandwich generation.
d) The greatest generation.

Recording your career plan helps you do all of the following EXCEPT:
a) Revise as needed.
b) Keep track of progress.
c) Focus on goals.
d) Take formal assessments.

Which statement is TRUE of military training?
a) It is generally not as good as civilian on-the job training.
b) There is no tuition assistance for enlisted personnel.
c) Training is provided on-the-job and through specialized schools.
d) Credit from military cannot be transferred.

When an individual has a conflict with another employee, what is the best action to take?
a) Communicate the issue publicly
b) Communicate the issue privately
c) Communicate while angry
d) Communicate in writing

Which of the following is NOT a form of legal business ownership?
a) Franchise.
b) Partnership.
c) Proprietorship.
d) Entrepreneurship.

Women make up more than half of the workforce in which industry?
a) Computer repair
b) Construction technology
c) Retail sales
d) Civil engineering

Which type of program would a community college provide?
a) College transfer
b) Doctoral
c) Master's
d) School of law

To prepare for changes in the workplace, it is BEST to:
a) Have a four-year degree.
b) Be a lifelong learner.
c) Join the union.
d) Buy disability insurance.

Which contributes to unsafe working conditions?
a) Patience
b) Consideration
c) Laziness
d) Punctuality

A result of using teamwork in an organization is:
a) Less competition.
b) Equal salaries.
c) Decreased worker morale.
d) Increased production and output.

In planning coursework, it is important to:
a) Follow the recommendation of friends.
b) Select only courses that are liked.
c) Select courses based on career and educational goals.
d) Select courses that are easy to pass.

SCANS Interpersonal qualities include:
a) Creativity.
b) Knowing how to learn.
c) Listening.
d) Social skills.

When communicating with coworkers, misunderstandings can be reduced by:
a) Only communicating in written form.
b) Communicating clearly in written form.
c) Never entering into conversation at work.
d) Speaking before thinking about a response.

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