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An increase in the number of dual income families has created an increase in the area of:
a) Health occupations.
b) Law occupations.
c) Service occupations.
d) Farm occupations.

Which is a medium-term stepping-stone goal?
a) Complete junior high school.
b) Complete high school.
c) Obtain an associate's degree.
d) Work as a store manager.

The purpose of a resume is to:
a) Tell the employer about your likes/dislikes.
b) Demonstrate your writing ability.
c) Document attendance at prior jobs.
d) Showcase your knowledge and skills.

Which practice demonstrates effective leadership?
a) Delegating tasks
b) Making decisions for the group
c) Trying to do everything for the group
d) Taking over committee discussions

A trusted advisor might be called a/an:
a) Mentor.
b) Apprentice.
c) Volunteer.
d) Teacher.

Jobs in the future will increasingly involve more:
a) Employee telecommuting.
b) Manual labor.
c) Rigid work schedules.
d) Face-to-face meetings.

All of the things people have or can use to help make decisions are:
a) Resources.
b) Abilities.
c) Values.
d) Habits.

This act was passed in 1967 and prohibits discrimination against people between forty and seventy years of age:
b) Americans with Disabilities Act.
c) Age Discrimination Act.
d) Rehabilitation Act.

A cover letter is used to:
a) Highlight information on the job application.
b) Schedule an interview.
c) Highlight information in an accompanying resume.
d) Find out more about the employer.

Of the jobs in the 21st century, what percent will require technical skills acquired at the bachelor's level or above?
a) More than 50%
b) About 20%
c) At least 40%
d) Cannot be predicted

Those that learn best by pursuing interests through an individual pace have which learning preference?
a) Kinesthetic
b) Intrapersonal
c) Logical
d) Musical

Career plans need to be:
a) Electronically illustrated.
b) Recorded in writing.
c) Kept in a student's permanent record.
d) A part of the student's transcript.

What effect does a family's history of jobs/careers have on a student's career choices?
a) There will be no effects.
b) The student might follow in a family member's footsteps.
c) The student will choose a career that no one in the family has chosen.
d) The student might choose the career with the highest pay.

Which US Department of Education Career Cluster provides basic human needs?
a) Health Sciences.
b) Scientific/Research/Engineering
c) Information Technology.
d) Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Which is the best course of action to take when there is more work than can be completed in a given time period?
a) Work extra hours to get everything done.
b) Resign.
c) Don't do the extra work.
d) Talk to the boss about the situation.

Learned abilities to perform tasks or duties of various occupations are:
a) Workplace ethics.
b) SCANS skills.
c) Postsecondary training.
d) Lifelong learning.

The best way to approach your career choice is to:
a) Choose the same career as someone you admire.
b) Follow a logical decision-making process.
c) Wait and see what develops after high school.
d) Determine how to earn the most money.

Workers at one level who master that level and then move up to the next level of a job are:
a) In a dead-end job.
b) On a career ladder.
c) An apprentice.
d) Journeymen.

When feedback is received, one should:
a) Throw it away.
b) Give it to the teacher.
c) Look only at the good things suggested by peers.
d) Consider suggestions for improvement and positive comments.

In North Carolina, a primary source for financial aid information is:
a) Occupational Outlook Handbook.
b) College Foundation of North Carolina.
c) State Employees Credit Union.
d) State Department of Public Instruction.

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