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In your body the _____________ are made of spongy tissue with lots of surface area to increase contact with the air.
a) Intestines
b) Kidneys
c) Lungs
d) Nerves

The ___________ run throughout the human body and send signals to and from the brain.
a) Chloroplasts
b) Blood cells
c) Nerves
d) Needles

The ____________ system has branch endings in the skin that recieve signals and send them to the brain.
a) Muscular
b) Circulatory
c) Nervous
d) Respiratory

Arteries and veins branch out into the smallest blood vessels called
a) Nerves
b) Capillaries
c) Organs
d) Alveoli

Digestion begins in the mouth. Food is broken down by __________ in the mouth.
a) Saliva and chewing
b) Acids and churning
c) Capillaries
d) Cartilage

The small intestine continues digestion and
a) Absorbs water from food
b) Absorbs the nutrients from food
c) Gets rid of waste products
d) Adds saliva

The difference between voluntary and involuntary muscles is that
a) Involuntary muscles keep working without you thinking about them
b) Voluntary muscles work on their own without you thinking about them
c) Involuntary muscles move when you think about them
d) Voluntary muscles are never strong

Arm muscles are
a) Made of rigid structures
b) Made of spongy tissues
c) Involuntary muscles
d) Voluntary muscles

The function of the _____________ system is to break down food for energy and nutrients.
a) Excretory
b) Respiratory
c) Circulatory
d) Digestion

The ____________ system controls both the voluntary and involuntary movements of the human body.
a) Circulatory
b) Nervous
c) Muscular
d) Skeletal

The muscular system provides __________ for the body.
a) Energy
b) Oxygen
c) Structure
d) Movement

Acids and churning in the stomach continue the process of
a) Digestion
b) Respiration
c) Circulation
d) Aeration

The ________ filters liquids in the body and excrete wastes through th bladder and skin.
a) Lungs
b) Capillaries
c) Intestines
d) Kidneys

Which system received the external signal of hearing that enabled the boy to respond to the car horn before crossing into the street on his bike.
a) Circulatory system
b) Excretory system
c) Muscular system
d) Nervous system

The lungs expand and draw in air when the diaphragm
a) Pumps
b) Twists
c) Expands
d) Contracts

The pumping of the heart in the human body happens
a) Without us thinking about it
b) Only when we think about it
c) Just durIng the day
d) Only when it is hot outside

The function of the excretory system is to
a) Break down food for energy and nutrients
b) Circulate nutrients and oxygen
c) Rid the body of waste products
d) Bring oxygen into the body and remove carbon dioxide

The expanding and contracting of the lungs is
a) Voluntary
b) Involuntary
c) Essential to plants
d) Needed to breathe under water

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