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What statement about globalization is correct?
a) It is always a smooth and easy process.
b) Because of globalization, only a handful of world cultures now exist.
c) Globalization helps spread ideas and innovations.
d) Virtually everyone around the world welcomes globalization.

What is 0 degrees longitude called?
a) Prime Meridian
b) Equator
c) Tropics
d) Tropic of Cancer

All of the following are factors that influence the climate of a region except
a) latitude
b) elevation(height above sea level)
c) ocean currents and winds
d) economic system

Which of the following accurately describes the global population growth rate?
a) It has been level for the past 50 years.
b) It is gradually slowing.
c) It has fallen sharply over the past 20 years.
d) It is increasing rapidly.

What is the name for a system of government that is run by the people?
a) democracy
b) oligarchy
c) dictatorship
d) monarchy

If a group of countries decide to practice free trade, they will most likely do which of the following?
a) add extra fees to the cost of importing products
b) all convert to command economies
c) set few or no tariffs or quotas when trading among themselves
d) not use money

What element of culture defines how goods are produced and distrubuted?
a) government
b) economy
c) history
d) customs

Which type of map shows landforms, bodies of water, and elevations?
a) Physical
b) Political
c) Climate
d) Special Purpose

Which of the following correctly lists Earth's oceans from smallest to largest?
a) Southern, Indian, Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific
b) Pacific, Atlantic, Southern, Indian, and Arctic
c) Arctic, Southern, Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific.
d) Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Southern, and Indian.

Which type of map would show the boundaries of countries?
a) vegetation map
b) land-use map
c) political map
d) elevation map

Why do high mountain climates have variable conditions?
a) The sun's rays are less direct in high mountain climates.
b) The atmosphere cools with increasing elevation.
c) One side of the mountain is always shielded from the sun and the winds.
d) The atmosphere warms with increasing elevation.

Private ownership, free trade, and competition are characteristics that are central to which type of economic system?
a) traditional
b) communist
c) command
d) market

What causes the seasons to change on Earth?
a) the North and South Poles
b) Earth's distance from the sun
c) the wind currents
d) the Earth's tilt as it revolves around the sun

What is a physical map depicting when it shows how much above or below sea level a physical feature is?
a) altitude
b) relief
c) elevation
d) location

Which of the following is an example of relative location?
a) West Noble Middle School is located at 5094 N. US 33, Ligonier, IN.
b) New Orleans is near the mouth of the Mississippi River.
c) Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana.
d) Columbus, Ohio is located at 39N/83W.

What is a peninsula?
a) A landmass completely surrounded by water.
b) A landmass that extends into natural waters.
c) A landmass that extends into a man-made canal.
d) A narrow strip of land that connects two other landmasses.

In a command economy, who decides what goods are produced?
a) entrepreneurs
b) business owners
c) government leaders
d) wealthy citizens

Where is the Equator located?
a) 0 degrees latitude
b) 0 degrees longitude
c) 90 degrees latitude
d) 180 degrees longitude

How are the World Bank and the International Monetary fund ALIKE?
a) They both help regulate world trade.
b) The both promote increased urbanization.
c) They both attempt to reduce tariffs.
d) They both lend money to countries in need.

Which of the following describes a monarchy?
a) The government is run by the people.
b) A king or queen rules the country.
c) One person has absolute authority or power to rule the government, people, and economy.
d) The citizens elect the government officials.

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