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Random Regent's Exam.

The analysis of data gathered during a particular experiment is necessary in order to
a) formulate a hypothesis for that experiment
b) develop a research plan for that experiment
c) design a control for that experiment
d) draw a valid conclusion for that experiment

A student could best demonstrate knowledge of how energy flows throughout an ecosystem by
a) drawing a food web using specific organisms drawing a food web using specific organisms
b) conducting an experiment that demonstrates the process of photosynthesis
c) labeling a diagram that illustrates ecological succession
d) making a chart to show the role of bacteria in the environment

In most habitats, the removal of predators will have the most immediate impact on a population of
a) producer
b) herbivore
c) decomposer
d) microbe

The sequence of subunits in a protein is most directly dependent upon
a) region in the cell where enzymes are produced
b) DNA in the chromosomes in a cell
c) type of cell in which starch is found
d) kinds of materials in the cell membrane

Which statement concerning simple sugars and amino acids is correct?
a) They are both wastes resulting from protein synthesis
b) They are both building blocks of starch.
c) They are both needed for the synthesis of larger molecules
d) They are both stored as fat molecules in the liver

The genetic code of a DNA molecule is determined by a specific sequence of
a) ATP molecules
b) sugar molecules
c) chemical bonds
d) molecular bases

To produce large tomatoes that are resistant to cracking and splitting, some seed companies use the pollen from one variety of tomato plant to fertilize a different variety of tomato plant. This process is an example of
a) DNA sequencing
b) selective breeding
c) cloning
d) direct harvesting

The cells that make up the skin of an individual have some functions different from the cells that make up the liver because
a) all cells have a common ancestor
b) different cells have different genetic material
c) environment and past history have no influence on cell function
d) different parts of genetic instructions are used in different types of cells

The production of certain human hormones by genetically engineered bacteria result from
a) inserting a specific group of amino acids into the bacteria
b) combining a portion of human DNA with bacterial DNA and inserting this into bacteria
c) crossing two different species of bacteria
d) deleting a specific amino acid from human DNA and inserting it into bacterial DNA

Organisms that have the ability to use an atmospheric gas to produce an organic nutrient are known as
a) herbivores
b) carnivore
c) decomposer
d) autotroph

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