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A student looks at the model of a plant cell through a microscope. This model represents
a) a single-celled organism
b) a single-cell of a multicellular organism
c) a collection of cells in a multicellular organism
d) a multicellular organism

If a nerve cell stopped functioning, the cell would
a) start producing oxygen
b) begin dividing into more cells
c) become a different type of cell
d) stop sending signals to the brain

The structures in the bodies of many organisms have levels of organization that help the body to carry out life processes. Which list correctly shows how these levels are organized from the simplest to the most complex?
a) tissue, cell, organ, organ system
b) organ, cell, organ system, tissue
c) cell, tissue, organ, organ system
d) organ system, tissue, organ, cell

Which unicellular protist knows what it's like to have its tailed whipped
a) paramecium
b) amoeba
c) euglena
d) volvox

The nervous system is composed of cells, tissues, and organs. Which is a cell of the nervous system?
a) brain
b) spinal cord
c) ganglion
d) neuron

The human body is made of many different organ systems like the skeletal system and the circulatory system. How are all the systems of the human body similar to one another?
a) They all provide structure to the body
b) they all contain specialized cells and tissues
c) they all assume the functions of other failing body parts
d) They all establish homeostasis and communication

Which of these statements about cells is correct?
a) Cells must produce their own food
b) Adult cells are larger than those in a child
c) Organisms must have more than one cell to grow
d) multicellular organisms can have more than a billion cells

What difference between a leaf cell and a root cell will most affect a plant?
a) age
b) function
c) mass
d) size

When a multicellular organism is damaged, it will repair itself as
a) it mutates
b) the cells work together
c) the cells move
d) it makes its own food

Which is a short hair-like projection that produces movement in many cells?
a) trichocysts
b) flagella
c) cilia
d) pseudopod

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