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How do an ameoba, a paramecium, and a euglena compare?
a) They use different structures for movement
b) They use different structures to control cell activity
c) They all make their own food by photosynthesis
d) They all have eyespots to see sunlight

What term is given to the process by which an amoeba gathers its food?
a) egestion
b) synthesis
c) respiration
d) ingestion

Locomotive structures found in some protists include:
a) muscles
b) flagella
c) tentacles
d) contractile vacuoles

Which of these characteristics do all living cells have in common?
a) require water for survival
b) require silicon for structural support
c) require oxygen for respiration
d) require sunlight for photosynthesis

How do food molecules and nutrients enter the cell?
a) through the nucleus
b) through the cell membrane
c) through the chlorophyll in the cell
d) through other specialized cells

How do the cells of the body respond when a person has a poor diet and little exercise?
a) they stop reproducing
b) they reduce their rate of respiration
c) they stop absorbing nutrients
d) they increase their production of protein

A paramecium absorbs materials from its environment and circulates these materials throughout its
a) synthesis
b) reproduction
c) respiration
d) transport

Which of the following statements is incorrect
a) All organisms contain many cells
b) Cells are different shapes and sizes
c) cells come only from pre-existing cells
d) hereditary information is passed from cell to cell

How is a cow different from a paramecium?
a) a cow requires energy to survive
b) a cow consumes oxygen during cell respiration
c) a cow's hereditary traits are controlled by DNA
d) a cow is composed of larger number of cells

What characteristic do volvox and euglena share?
a) They both have eyespots
b) They both use flagella to move
c) They both have eyespots and use flagella to move
d) They have neither eyespots nor flagella

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