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Cloning an individual usually produces organims that
a) contain dangerous mutations
b) produce enzymes different from the parent
c) are identical in appearance and behavior
d) contain identical genes

which two systems are most directly involved in providing molecules needed for the synthesis of fats in humans?
a) digestive and circulatory
b) reproductive and circulatory
c) immune and muscular
d) excretory and digestive

which statements best describe the relationship between the terms chromosomes, genes, and nucei?
a) chromosomes are found on genes. genes are found in nucei
b) genes are found in nuclei. nuclei are found in chromosomes
c) genes are found on chromosomes. chromosomes are found in nuclei
d) chromosomes are found in nuclei. nuclei are found in genes

In a cell, information that controls the production of proteins must pass from the nucleus to the
a) cell membrane
b) ribosomes
c) mitochondria
d) chloroplast

in order for a new species to develop, there must be a change in the
a) temperature of the environment
b) rate of succession in the environment
c) genetic make up of a population
d) migrations patterns within a population

which statement is not part of the concept of natural selection?
a) individuals that possess the most favorable variations will have the best chance of reproducting.
b) genes of an individual adapt to a changing environment.
c) more individuals are produced than can survive
d) variation occurs among individuals in a population

in sexually reproducing species, the number of chromosomes in each body cell remains the same from one generation to the next as a direct result of
a) meiosis and fertilization
b) homeostasis and dynamic equilibrium
c) differentiation and aging
d) mitosis and mutations

one function of the placenta in a human is to
a) surround the embryo and protect it from shock
b) permit the passage of nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the fetus.
c) act as a heart for the fetus, pumping blood until the fetus is born
d) allow for mixing of maternal blood with fetal blood

which process usually uses carbon dioxide
a) cellular transport
b) autotrophic nutrition
c) active transport
d) asexual reproduction

if humans remove carnivorous predators such as wolves and coyotes from an ecosystem, what will probably be the first observable result?
a) the natural prey will die off
b) the decomposers will fill the predator niche.
c) certain herbivores will exceed the carrying capacity
d) certain plant populations will increase

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