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a) move slowly
b) very furry
c) run or move fast
d) crooked

a) flop on the ground
b) take or capture
c) put sugar on
d) sneeze

a) go on a trip
b) a type of merry-go-round
c) underground
d) to confine or enclose

a) one who suffers a bad event
b) singer
c) bad person
d) someone in jail

a) new
b) king
c) sparkly
d) very old

a) one thousand years
b) one hundred years
c) one million years
d) one year

a) a room in a house, usually a bedroom
b) jail
c) maid
d) iron ring

a) good
b) smell
c) go around
d) to go or climb down

a) where you go into
b) to leave
c) to go under
d) behind

a) very deep
b) skinny
c) having very little depth
d) fat

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