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Which of these is NOT a major cause of flooding in India and China?
a) reduction of tropical rainforests
b) melting ice and snow from higher elevations
c) heavy rainfall
d) monsoons and tropical cyclones

Which of these is NOT a major cause of pollution on the Yangtze and Ganges Rivers?
a) car exhaust
b) agriculture
c) industrial runoff
d) religious ceremonies

Why have the governments of India and China had problems reducing the high amounts of air pollution in their countries?
a) They do not want to slow down economic growth.
b) There are no effective ways to regulate air pollution.
c) Health problems related to air pollution have not occurred yet.
d) No one in India or China is concerned about air pollution.

Most countries that border the Persian Gulf have large quantities of:
a) oil
b) diamonds
c) gold
d) uranium

How are natural resources distributed throughout Southwest Asia?
a) abundance of oil; scarcity of water
b) abundance of water; scarcity of oil
c) abundance of coal; scarcity of gold
d) abundance of gold; scarcity of coal

Why is the Persian Gulf so important?
a) It is an area where much of the world's oil is shipped.
b) It provides water for recreation.
c) Many wars have been fought in this area.
d) It provides natural boundaries between many nations.

In the Middle East, conflicts occur over water rights because:
a) the water supply is limited
b) there are no important rivers in the region
c) Saudi Arabia controls most of the region's water
d) the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are only located in Iraq

How has the Middle East's vast supply of oil affected the region?
a) It has encouraged foreigners to compete for influence in the region.
b) It has encouraged the growth of democracy in the region.
c) It has slowed down the process of industrialization in the region.
d) It has lowered the standard of living in the region.

The major rivers of the Middle East are significant issues because:
a) everyone needs to be able to use the water, and there is only a limited amount
b) farmers have not been able to find easy ways to use water for irrigation
c) they can be used only for trade and travel but not for drinking water
d) deserts prevent the rivers from being large enough to be useful

How is water distributed throughout Asia and Africa?
a) There is an unequal distribution of water.
b) Water is evenly distributed.
c) #####
d) ######

Where are most people going to try to live?
a) near water
b) in rainforests
c) in deserts
d) near oil reserves

How has water pollution affected Asia and Africa?
a) It has decreased the amount of water available.
b) It has increased the amount of water available.
c) It has had no impact on the amount of water available.
d) #####

Which of these is an environmental problem caused by deforestation in Africa?
a) lack of clean air
b) #####
c) lack of fresh water
d) lack of warm weather

What effect do poor soil and deforestation have on land in Africa?
a) Land is useless for farming and agriculture.
b) Land is excellent for archaeological dig sites.
c) #####
d) Land becomes part of national park systems.

Which statement about deforestation is true?
a) Deforestation can cause desertification.
b) Deforestation is good for the soil.
c) Deforestation in helpful to native animal species.
d) #####

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