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Which of these is an environment?
a) Pollution
b) Temperature
c) Duck Eggs
d) A Terrarium

For a desert cactus, which of these is NOT an environmental factor?
a) Air
b) Sand
c) Seaweed
d) Water

The environment where a plant grows the best is its
a) Aquatic Environment
b) Optimum Environment
c) Preferred Environment
d) Terrestrial Environment

When a drought takes place in the Midwest, some plants survive but others do not. This happens because the plants have different tolerances for
a) light.
b) salt.
c) water.
d) temperature.

Moisture level is an example of
a) an environmental factor.
b) an optimum condition.
c) an organism.
d) an environment.

Which of these is a living environmental factor?
a) Temperature
b) Rock
c) Light
d) Grass

Why are isopods able to digest wood and bark?
a) They have an enzyme that helps break them down.
b) Their jaws are designed to saw down the material.
c) They have gills for breathing.
d) They live in water.

Any living thing, including plants and animals
a) Cell
b) Preferred Environment
c) Organism
d) Terrarium

Everything that surrounds and influences an organism
a) Environmental Factor
b) Organism
c) Terrarium
d) Environment

What is salinity?
a) Using a saline solution in an environment.
b) The concentration of salt in water.
c) A long period of dry weather.
d) Being alive and able to grow.

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