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____________ charges repel each other.
a) like
b) unlike
c) great
d) small

Charge can be transferred from object to object, but it cannot be created or destroyed. What law is this?
a) Law of conservation of mass
b) 1st law of thermodynamics
c) Law of conservation of charge
d) Gravity

An electric ___________ is a flow of electric charge.
a) electron
b) atom
c) resistance
d) current

A device that can detect electric charge is called an _______.
a) elliptical
b) electroscope
c) electric powerscope
d) electric wire

A material in which electrons move easily is called a(n) _____________.
a) insulator
b) thermometer
c) conductor
d) ohm

Electric current is measured in ___________.
a) amperes
b) volts
c) joules
d) watts

In Ohms law, I stands for ______.
a) electric current
b) time
c) initial velocity
d) instrumentation

The rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form of energy is called __________.
a) parallel
b) voltage
c) power
d) velocity

Fuses and circuit breakers are used to in houses to prevent wires from ___________.
a) overheating
b) disappearing
c) working properly
d) stopping

______ = IV
a) A
b) P
c) W
d) T

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