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What is a developed country?
a) one with few jobs and technology
b) one with a lot of jobs and technology
c) one that is supported by other countries
d) one that is ruled by Mrs. Sheedy

What is the reason for Europeans still being interested in Africa?
a) resources
b) space
c) water
d) warm weather

What is the indicator that tells you the quality of life you could have in a country?
a) life expectancy
b) literacy rate
c) human development index
d) GDP

What was the one country that was not colonized?
a) Libya
b) Liberia
c) Egypt
d) Wisconsin

Why does North and South Africa have high GDP?
a) Water
b) Great weather
c) space
d) tourism, cities and resources

What is it when someone comes in and takes over a government?
a) leadership
b) colonization
c) slave trade
d) control

What is the belief when Africans work together?
a) collaboration
b) Pan-Africanism
c) Africananers
d) team work

What was the Apartheid?
a) everyone was equal
b) nonwhites were treated poorly
c) whites were treated poorly
d) it was illegal to discrimminate

What is the percentage of people that can read and write?
a) literacy rate
b) life expectancy
c) human development index
d) schooling

What was Nelson Mandela NOT known for?
a) Nobel Peace Prize
b) president at the end of the Apartheid
c) first black president
d) sat in jail for 27 years

What is the average age someone is expected to live?
a) literacy rate
b) death rate
c) life expectancy
d) human development index

What is the total value of all goods and services in a country?
a) GDP
b) GDP per Capita
c) life expectancy
d) literacy rate

Who was the famous Egyptian that married Julius Caesar and Marc Antony?
a) Queen Ramses II
b) Nefareti
c) Cleopatra
d) Mrs. Sheedy

What was the name of the boat that the slaves rebelled and gained their freedom?
a) Nina
b) Pinta
c) Amistad
d) Santa Marie

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