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Which employee duty obligates the employee to look out for the employer's best interest?
a) duty of loyalty and honesty
b) duty of obedience
c) duty of reasonable performance
d) duty of reasonable skill

What duty is owed to the employee by the employer?
a) duty of reasonable treatment
b) duty of reasonable skill
c) duty of obedience
d) duty of accounting

The minimum wage and maximum hours for employees is established by
a) the Fair Labor Standards Act
b) payroll deductions
c) the employer
d) child labor law

If an employer fires an employee in retaliation for unlawful co-operation, it is called
a) a wrongful discharge
b) discrimination
c) discharged without cause
d) discharged for cause

An employee who is discharged without cause is entitled to
a) unemployment compensation
b) workers compensation
c) both unemployment and workers compensation
d) none of these

Reilly hires Jody to work in his store under his direct supervision in which she will perform a variety of tasks. In this situation Jody is known as
a) an independent contractor
b) an employee
c) an employee contractor
d) a dependent contract

Liz is 14 years old. She wants to start saving for a car. Which of the following occupations can she most likely pursue?
a) both throwing newspapers and/or modeling/acting
b) putting roofs on houses
c) working as a model/actress
d) throwing newspapers

Carmela was hired to deliver flowers by Le Fluer. While transporting flowers Carmela was in a car accident damaging three vehicles and injuring six people. Which statement accurately depicts Le Fluer's responsbility?
a) Le Fleur is responsible for any damages
b) Carmela was acting within her scope of authority but is personally responsible for the damages and injuries
c) Carmela did not have permission to deliver the flowers and was, therefore, not acting within her scope of authority
d) none of these

For an employer's treatment to be considered unequal it must be
a) intentional
b) gender related
c) severe
d) racial in nature

When unequal treatment has occurred, the employer may use the defense of
a) all of these
b) business necessity
c) bona fide occupational qualification
d) bona fide seniority system

The employer's defense that the employee's skills or work history is the reason for not hiring would be
a) business necessity
b) bona fide occupational qualification
c) bonda fide seniority system
d) none of these

The employer's defense that the job requirement compels discrimination against a protected class would be
a) bona fide occupational qualification
b) business necessity
c) bona fide seniority system
d) none of these

What form of sexual harassment occurs when one thing is exchanged for another?
a) quid pro quo
b) hostile environment
c) both hostile environment and quid pro quo
d) none of these

The Equal Pay Act allows some differences in pay if they are based on
a) all of these
b) system basing pay on quantity or quality of production
c) seniority system
d) merit system

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act forbids discrimination against workers
a) over 40
b) under 40
c) over 65
d) under 65

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act makes it illegal
a) all of these
b) for fringe benefits to discriminate on these bases
c) to discriminate because of pregnancy and childbirth
d) to discriminate because of pregnancy-related medical conditions

In order to prove disparate impact, you first must establish
a) causation
b) intention
c) direct evidence
d) indirect evidence

Individuals seeking employment loading delivery trucks for UPS must be able to lift 100 lbs. APS believes that lifting the weight simulates an applicants ability to load and unload trucks. Which of the following regarding this policy is true?
a) The policy is neutral on its face
b) the policy is an example of illegal discrimination because it will eliminate applicants in a protected class
c) The qualification is a BFOQ
d) none of these

The Americans with Disabilities Act defines a qualified individual with a disability as
a) one who can perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodations
b) one who can perform the essential functions of the job
c) one who can perform the essential functions of the job with reasonable accommodations
d) none of these

Employment discrimination of a protected class
a) means that the employer treats members of a protected class less favorably and this unequal treatment is intentional
b) requires the unequal treatment to be intentional
c) means that an employer treats members of a protected class less favorably than others
d) is based on direct evidence only

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