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What makes a room easier to clean?
a) Door mats
b) Lots of furniture and accessories
c) Shelves with books
d) Windows with many panes

Which principle of design did Betina enhance by making her mask collection the first thing people notice when they walk into her room?
a) Emphasis
b) Proportion
c) Rhythm
d) Variety

Cleaning the clothes dryer lint filter would be an example of what type of maintenance?
a) Corrective
b) Monthly
c) Preventive
d) Roatation

Gail placed matching candlesticks on both ends of the mantel over her fireplace. What principle of design did Gail use?
a) Balance
b) Color
c) Emphasis
d) Texture

Jordan's dresser drawers had so many clothes stuffed in them that they were hanging over the edges and she could not close the drawer. What would help Jordan solve her problem?
a) Better scale
b) Five accessories
c) Less creativity
d) More storage

Suzanne added a new lamp, pillows, and pictures to her bedroom. What did Suzanne add?
a) Accessories
b) Furniture
c) Junk
d) Structure

Clay noticed a water spot on this ceiling after the hard rain they had. Clay had to hire someone to come and replace the shingles on his roof. What kind of maintenance is this?
a) Corrective
b) Monthly
c) Preventive
d) Rotation

John Bert hung a shoe bag in his classroom to keep the graphing calculators easily accessible for his students. John Bert was using the shoe bag for:
a) An accessory
b) Easy storage
c) Proportional balance
d) Visual art

Which is considered an accessory in a bathroom?
a) Bathtub
b) Candle
c) Chair
d) Towel rack

Dottie kept the supplies in the supply closet in specific boxes. This type of organization is what kind of storage?
a) Accessorizing
b) Alphabetized
c) Compartmentalization
d) Unorganized

An architect's plan for a building is called a:
a) Blueprint
b) Contract
c) Floor plan of a building
d) House print

Carl used red, white, and blue boxes for his son to put his toys in when he was not playing with them. Carl was using the painted boxes to brighten the room and to hopefully help his son:
a) Be a better worker
b) Become more organized
c) Become smarter
d) Know his alphabet

What are the elements of design?
a) Color, line, paint, and texture
b) Color, line, shape, and texture
c) Color, line, spots, and texture
d) Color, line, texture, and waces

Clay started his own construction business. He is considered a:
a) Entry level worker
b) Intermediate level worker
c) Professional level worker
d) Entrepreneur

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