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When the Hill's built their house, their fireplace was built using large river rocks. The fireplace is the first thing people notice when they walk into the Hill's home. What design principle is this?
a) Balance
b) Emphasis
c) Unity
d) Variety

The large wall mural drew the attention of everyone who passed through the hospital's main lobby. The mural was a/an
a) Accessory
b) Focal point
c) Mood setter
d) Visible shape

For which job is an ability to get along with people especially important?
a) Brick mason
b) Construction crew worker
c) Landscape gardener
d) Real estate agent

Which color combination did Brandi use when she decorated her room in the primary colors
a) Blue, red, and yellow
b) Green, orange, and purple
c) Green, red, and yellow
d) Orange, purple, red

Chad checks the outside faucets every two to three months to make sure these are not leaking and he wraps these in insulation during the winters to keep these from freezing. What type of maintenance is this considered?
a) Annual
b) Corrective
c) Preventive
d) Rotation

Barbara used several decorative hooks beside her dresser mirror to hang her necklaces. What was Barbara using the hooks for?
a) Balance and line
b) Decoration and storage
c) Space and texture
d) Unity and variety

Changing the sheets on the bed is USUALLY done:
a) Daily
b) Weekly
c) Quarterly
d) Yearly

Allen saw that his sink pipes are leaking. He was able to fix the leak himself. What kind of corrective maintenance is this considered?
a) PLumber
b) Professional
c) Self
d) Workman

Which skills would be MOST beneficial to an interior designer?
a) Build wooden furniture
b) Create gingerbread houses
c) Make material from yarn
d) Read and understand a blueprint

Which characteristics tend to make a room appear smaller?
a) Bright colors
b) Dark colors
c) Mirrors
d) Rough textures

Patty painted her room a light blue to make the room appear larger. What design element did she use?
a) Color
b) Line
c) Shape
d) Texture

Which type of line can make a ceiling appear lower?
a) Curved
b) Diagonal
c) Horizontal
d) Vertical

Anna used fuzzy pillows to decorate her muslin covered couch. What design element did Anna use?
a) Line
b) Shape
c) Space
d) Texture

What is the easiest way to create the feel of more space in a room?
a) Buying new furntiture
b) Painting the furniture
c) Rearranging the furniture
d) Reupholstering the furniture

What principle of design is being ignored by adding three styles of furniture in one room?
a) Balance
b) Color
c) Rhythm
d) Variety

Who helps customers choose colors, fabrics, and furniture in retail fabric and furniture stores?
a) Bathroom designer
b) Furniture designer
c) Interior designer
d) Kitchen designer

Mattie Lee wanted to make sure that her fireplace and chimney were clean so that she would be able to burn wood this winter. She called the local chimney sweep to come and clean her chimney. What kind of preventive maintenance is this considered?
a) Handyman
b) Professional
c) Self
d) Workman

Which is an example of preventive maintenance?
a) Cleaning the rain gutters
b) Dusting the furnititure
c) Making the bed
d) Sweeping the bathroom floor

Which preventive maintenance task could help prevent a fire?
a) Bright purple and yellow
b) Dark green and red
c) Light blue and white
d) Red, white, and blue

Based on the elements of design, which color combination would create a calming effect in a room?
a) Clean chimney
b) Clean gutters
c) Repair front steps
d) Repair leaky faucet

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