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Big band is another name for which type of music/
a) Ragtime
b) jazz
c) swing
d) dixieland

What century did Dixieland music begin in?
a) 19th
b) 20th
c) 21st
d) 22nd

Swing usually had strong catchy melodies and clear spaces for _______ to show off
a) soloist
b) trumpets and drums
c) singers
d) just drums

Bebop was generally played at what speed?
a) fast
b) slow
c) a mix of fast and slow
d) irregular speed

What years was ragtime music the most popular?
a) 1898-1917
b) 1961-1985
c) 1990-present
d) none of the above

Bebop was formed from the breakdown of the organized and controlled nature of what type of music?
a) Ragtime
b) blues
c) swing
d) dixieland

Dixieland music is a combination of French dances and _________?
a) Ragtime, jazz and jigs
b) marching band, jigs, and swing
c) ragtime, blues and marching band
d) none of the above

In what decade did cool jazz become popular?
a) 1930s
b) 1950s
c) 1960s
d) 1910s

In dixieland music the trumper, trombone, and clarinet all do what at the same time?
a) Improvise
b) Stop Playing
c) Play the same rhythm
d) none of the above

What style of music usually had a band leader?
a) Ragtime
b) Swing
c) Blues
d) Cool Jazz

Cool jazz was ________ and _________ than bebop.
a) faster and choppier
b) smoother and calmer
c) upbeat and faster
d) none of the above

Ragtime was a combination of the cake walk and what other two styles?
a) Jig and march
b) blues and swing
c) dixieland and swing
d) none of the above

Swing was most popular in what decades?
a) 1910s-1920s
b) 1920s-1930s
c) 1930s-1940s
d) 1940s-1950s

Which style of music included multiple instruments?
a) ragtime
b) cool jazz
c) swing
d) dixieland

Cool jazz was more organized and a was in a _______
a) structure
b) out of order
c) syncopated
d) off beat

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