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Which of the following is the formula for acceleration?
a) a=change in velocity/time
b) a=distance/time
c) a=mv
d) a= v + t

Calculate the momentum of a 6kg bowling ball moving at 10m/s down the lane.
a) 60 kg*m/s down the alley
b) 6 kg*m/s down the alley
c) 60 m/s2
d) 6 meters down the alley

Which of the following is the formula for momentum?
a) p=mv
b) v=d/t
c) a=v/t
d) p=a-t

Velocity is distance divided by the
a) time it takes to cover that distance
b) mass of the object moving
c) time it takes to gain mass
d) speed of the object

Calculate the distance in kilometers a bicycle rider would travel in 5 hours at a average of 12.0km/h to the southwest.
a) 60 km
b) 2.4 km
c) 60 m/s2
d) 2.4 m/s

The sum of all the forces acting on an object is called the _________________________.
a) net force
b) unbalanced speed
c) force of nature
d) net velocity

_________ is a push or pull.
a) force
b) speed
c) momentum
d) A door

What is the momentum of a 50-kilogram ice skater gliding across the ice at a velocity of 2 m/s?
a) 100 kg*m/s
b) 100 pounds
c) 25 kg*m/s
d) 25 m/s2

For every action there is an equal and __________reaction.
a) opposite
b) unequal
c) same
d) mass

The product of an object’s mass and velocity is its
a) momentum
b) velocity
c) force
d) net speed

A turtle is swimming along at 5m/s. It see a shark coming and increases its speed to 11m/s. It moves to the shore in 3s. What was the turtle's acceleration?
a) 2 m/s2
b) 2 kg*m/s
c) 12 m/s2
d) 6 m/s2

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