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Why was it so hard to become a scribe?
a) There were over 600 symbols to memorize.
b) People didn't like writing.
c) Citizens preferred to be soldiers.

What is a city-state?
a) a city with nearby villages and farmland
b) a country that consists of only a city
c) a continent with s mall countries

What did Sumerian farmers depend on to grow crops.
a) Heavy rain
b) Irrigation canals
c) Hurricanes

Where is Mesopotamia located today?
a) Egypt
b) Iran
c) Iraq

Why was the area along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers so good for farming?
a) The flooding rivers deposited silt
b) It was an area of frequent rainfall
c) It was arid and dry

Which does NOT apply to Hammurabi's code?
a) An eye for an eye sense of justice is fair
b) punishments should be equal
c) punishments should be based on social class

Why did the Sumerians develop their writing system?
a) To remember their history
b) to honor the gods
c) to keep business records

In Sumerian society, how did the social power of the priests compare to the social power of the farmers?
a) Priests had more power than farmers.
b) Priests had less power than farmers.
c) There were no priests.

Why was trade important to the Mesopotamians?
a) There were a limited number of artisans.
b) The surplus was limited in Mesopotamia.
c) The Mesopotamians lacked natural resources.

Why do historians know so much about the Sumerians?
a) Their history was passed down by word of mouth.
b) Time machines.
c) They left written records.

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