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A document that includes a summary of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience is called a ______________________.
a) thank you letter
b) application
c) cover letter
d) resume

Which category below is NOT included on a resume?
a) Professional
b) Education
c) Hobbies
d) Personal

Which of the following below should NOT be included in the personal information section of a resume?
a) address
b) cell phone number
c) marriage status
d) address

A ___________________ is a person who can give information to potential employers about your character and your abilities.
a) Applicant
b) Reference
c) Employee
d) Employer

What is the first thing you should do if someone from the Internet that you do not know asks you to meet them?
a) Tell your parent or other trusted a
b) Make plans to meet them in a public, safe place
c) Turn off the computer
d) Block the person from communicating with you

Which type of cyberbulling involves recording someone being harassed or bullied and then posting it online for others to see?
a) Flaming or Trolling
b) Photoshopping
c) Identity Theft /impersonation
d) Happy/slapping

Habitat for Humanity is an example of a community resource that helps with needs in which of the following areas?
a) Employment
b) Independent living
c) None of the above
d) Education

What is another word for community?
a) Resource
b) Area
c) Living
d) Education

Which of the following is NOT a sign of someone who is being cyberbullied?
a) poor eating or sleeping habits
b) dropping grades
c) spends hours everyday on the computer
d) avoids the computer

Which of the following is a good choice for a username?
a) a. Carol18
b) charlie1234
c) Legomaster
d) TomD2014

What personal information should NEVER be shared with someone you do not know on the Internet?
a) Phone number
b) Address
c) First and last name
d) None of the above

Which of the following statements is true about an objective that is written for a resume?
a) Your objective will change based on your experience
b) Your objective will change based on the amount of money paid
c) It stays the same
d) Changes based on job you are applying for

You should include a ___________________ with a resume.
a) Cover letter
b) Thank you
c) Picture
d) Application

When should you send a thank you letter to an employer?
a) After you turn in your application
b) After the interview
c) After you are offered the job
d) On the first day of work

Some community resources are located throughout the state no matter what community you live in. Which of these resources is NOT located in all communities?
a) Goodwill
b) Board of elections
c) Social services
d) Health department

When a student with a disability enters into a community college for post-secondary education, he or she should contact which department to assist them with modifications and accommodations?
a) Technology services
b) Enrollment services
c) Disability services
d) Student services

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