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Out of a diver 2 meters underwater in a pool, a diver 5m underwater in a lake, a diver 10m underwater in a sea and diver 7m underwater in an ocean, whom has the most pressure exerted on them by the water?
a) diver at 10 meters
b) diver at 2 meters
c) diver at 5 meters
d) diver at 7 meters

What causes air to enter into a tornado?
a) The air pressure is lower inside the tornado than outside (Bernoulli’s Principle)
b) The air pressure is higher inside the tornado than outside (Bernoulli’s Principle)
c) The air pressure is lower outside the tornado than inside (Bernoulli’s Principle)
d) The air pressure is the same inside and outside the tornado (Bernoulli’s Principle)

Used to determine buoyant force (The Pool filled to the top method)
a) Archimedes’ principle
b) Bernoulli’s principle
c) Pascal’s principle
d) buoyant force

Forward force produced by an airplane’s or rocket’s engines
a) thrust
b) drag
c) turbulence
d) density

Used by hydraulic devices to multiply force (as in car brakes)
a) Pascal’s principle
b) Bernoulli’s principle
c) Archimedes’ principle
d) buoyant force

Irregular flow of fluids (plane shakes while you’re in it)
a) turbulence
b) density
c) drag
d) thrust

Force exerted on an object that increases as the density of the fluid increases
a) buoyant force
b) ballast tanks
c) swim bladder
d) pascal

Force that works against the forward motion of a plane (air friction)
a) drag
b) thrust
c) buoyant force
d) turbulence

The pressure in a fluid decreases as the fluid’s velocity increases (ping pong)
a) Bernoulli’s principle
b) Pascal’s principle
c) Archimedes’ principle
d) buoyant force

Organ used by fish to stay afloat
a) swim bladder
b) ballast tanks
c) turbulence
d) pascal

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