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6.3 What are the two key pieces of information you must have before entering a procedure charge?
a) Patients Chart
b) Case Number
c) Employer Code
d) Both A and B

6.5 When is it appropriate to print a walkout receipt?
a) When the patient is walking out of the office
b) When the patient makes a payment at the time of the office visit
c) When the patient asks for the walkout receipt
d) At the end of every transaction except copayments

6.3 What color code indicates that no payments has been made on a charge transaction?
a) Blue
b) Green
c) Gray
d) Red

6.4 What is the color code for an unapplied payment?
a) Red
b) White
c) Blue
d) Gray

6.1 What is the purpose of entering charges in Medisoft?
a) For guarantors to pay their statements
b) For providers to collect copyaments
c) For providers to bill for services
d) For providers to charge for procedures

6.4 Why is it necessary to enter patient payments in Medisoft?
a) To balance accounts and to ensure thepartial payment from all parties
b) To balance accounts and to ensure the complete payment from most parties
c) Playing these games sure are fun!
d) To balance accounts and to ensure the complete payment from all parties

What are the 3 steps to get to the Transaction Entry Diaglog Box?
a) Activities menu
b) Enter transactions
c) Search for last name
d) All of the above

6.4 What does Pay/Adj stand for?
a) Payment/Adjustment
b) Payables/Adjusted
c) Paydays/Adjunctions
d) Payments/Adjusted

6.5 On a walkout receipt, what location on the receipt is the total charges found?
a) Top Left
b) Bottom Left
c) Bottom Right
d) Top Right

changes to patient's accounts that alter the amounts charged or paid

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