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Soil is a valuable resource because it
a) is important to all living things on land
b) contains sand and gravel
c) is rich in decomposers
d) has all three soil horizons

Most geologists think that the movement of Earth's plates is caused by
a) conduction
b) earthquakes
c) convection currents in the mantle
d) Earth's magnetic field

How do most fossils form?
a) living things die and their remains are buried by sediments
b) the hard parts of an organism dry out in the air
c) the soft parts of an organism change to stone
d) freezing preserves the reamins of an organism

Scientist think that convection currents flow in Earth's
a) continents
b) mantle
c) lithosphere
d) inner core

Decomposers are the soil organisms that
a) store moisture in the soil
b) break down and digest the remains of dead organisms
c) make spaces in the soil for air and water
d) burrow deep below the topsoil

According to Wegner's hypothesis of contenental drift
a) Earth's surface is made up of seven major landmasses
b) the continents do not move
c) Earth is slowly cooling and shrinking
d) the continents were once joined together in a single landmass

The process by which the ocen floor sinks beneath the deep-ocean trench and back into the mantle is know as
a) convection
b) continental drift
c) subduction
d) conduction

A hot and wet climate causes weathering to take place
a) slowly
b) at the same rate
c) unevenly
d) rapidly

Which of the following can cause damage days or months after a large earthquake?
a) the arrival of surface waves
b) liquefaction
c) a tsunami
d) an aftershock

What does a seismograph record?
a) the Mercalli scale rating for an earthquake
b) the speed of seismic waves
c) the ground movements caused by seismic waves
d) the location of the epicenter

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