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A _______________ is a loan obtained from a financial institution to purchase housing.
a) lease
b) rental agreement
c) mortgage
d) tenate

A/an ________ usually is the most expensive type of housing.
a) aprtment
b) condominium
c) single-family detached house
d) townhouse

Which of the following are important things to consider when choosing a type of business to start?
a) Your education and training in that area.
b) What your family thinks you should do.
c) Deciding which business is the cheapest to start and run.
d) None of the choices are correct.

A franchise is:
a) a department store.
b) a contract with a company to sell its goods and services within a certain area
c) usually a larger corporation.
d) None of the choices are correct.

A corporation's _____________ elect a president to make major decisions about a company.
a) employees
b) stock holders
c) owners
d) customers

Which of the following are qualities a prospective entrepreneur must have to be successful?
a) The ability to work hard and make good decisions.
b) The ability to take action when needed.
c) Having a positive attitude, being willing to take risks, and being honest.
d) All of the choices are correct.

A business owned by one person
a) Proprietorship
b) Partnership
c) Corporation
d) Franchise

Which of the following are the ways a business can be organized?
a) proprietorship
b) partnership
c) corporation
d) All choices are correct

_________ listening is when the listener is only listening for certain things.
a) Pre-judging
b) Partial
c) Half-hearted
d) None of the choices are correct

Money given to a landlord when initiating a rental agreement other than the first months rent
a) Lease
b) Security Deposit
c) Property Taxes
d) Interest

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