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A boundary where two tectonic plates come together is called a ________
a) Divergent boundary
b) Convergent Boundary
c) Transform Boundary
d) None of these

The process that builds up the Earth's surface is _______
a) Erosion
b) Volcanoes
c) weathering
d) earthquakes

What is the primary cause of Eathquakes and volcanoes?
a) Solar magnetic storms
b) Higher than usual tides
c) Crustal plate movement
d) Earth's gravitational force

The type of magma that produces an explosive eruption and steep volcanic mountains is ______
a) thin due to low silica content
b) thin due to high silica content
c) thick due to low silica content
d) thick due to high silica content

An Earthquake that happens on the ocean floor can cause a _____________
a) Tsunami
b) Aftershock
c) Liquifacation
d) Hot Spot

When the velocity of a river changes as it enters a quiet body of water, sediment is deposited forming a ______.
a) Levee
b) waterfall
c) Slope
d) Delta

The total amount of water on Earth is ___________.
a) changing
b) increasing
c) decreasing
d) fairly constant

Which of the following is a result deposition of sediment?
a) waterfall
b) flood plains
c) alluvial fans
d) tributaries

Which of the following does not damage soil?
a) drought
b) erosion
c) crop rotation
d) nutrient depletion

Using less water is one way to practice water _________.
a) filtration
b) distribution
c) conservation
d) irrigation

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