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Building relationships, so when you need help, these individuals can be used to support and advise you is called:
a) interview
b) networking
c) benefits
d) employment

Which section below is NOT included on a job application?
a) Personal Data
b) Education
c) Family History
d) Employment History

If you see the abbreviation FT on a want ad, what does that tell you about the job?
a) It offers full benefits.
b) It pays minimum wage
c) It is 40 hours per week
d) It is 20 hours per week

A ___________________ is a person who can give information to potential employers about your character and your abilities.
a) employee
b) interviewer
c) applicant
d) reference

Which of the following should you NOT do when preparing for in interview?
a) Call the interviewer at home.
b) Plan what you will wear
c) Arrange transportation and get directions
d) Practice

Which of the following would make the best impression during an interview?
a) Telling jokes
b) Making eye contact
c) Tapping your pen
d) Slouching in your seat

Which of the following is NOT acceptable attire at any job interview?
a) Street wear
b) Smart Casual
c) Business Casual
d) Casual

What activities can a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselor do to assist you in preparing for an interview?
a) All of the above
b) Assist in researching companies and position
c) Provide training in job seeking
d) Conduct mock job interviews

Which of the following is NOT included in the Employment History section of a job application?
a) Schools you attended
b) Hourly rate
c) Supervisor’s name
d) Reason you left

What is the FIRST thing you should do when you begin to complete a job application?
a) Sign the application
b) Ask for help
c) Survey the entire applicatio
d) Fill in your personal data

During an interview you should ALWAYS answer ALL questions ____________.
a) Loudly
b) Honestly
c) Softly
d) Humorously

Which of the strategies below is the MOST likely to help you get a job?
a) Job Fairs
b) Networking
c) Want Ads
d) Internet Searches

Which of the tasks below is something that you should NOT do when applying and interviewing for a job?
a) prepare
b) have professional photographs taken
c) check your outgoing voicemail
d) clean up your social media profiles

Which is an appropriate e-mail address?

When should you send a thank you letter to an employer?
a) after you turn in an application
b) after you have been offered a job
c) on the first day of work
d) after any interview

A ______________________ is a small booth that some large companies set up to allow job applicants to apply for a job using a computer system.
a) kiosk
b) misdemeanor
c) warm contact
d) resource

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