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Posture is the way you:
a) walking
b) sit
c) stand
d) all are correct

All of the following are skills you will need in order to be successful on the job except:
a) occupational skills
b) employability skills
c) athletic skills
d) basic academic skills

A ________ is something that diverts your attention.
a) distraction
b) disinterest
c) disregard
d) detachment

_________________ means keeping your body clean and healthy.
a) Personal hygiene
b) Carisma
c) Fitness
d) Attitude

After an issue has been identified, it is important to ___________ in order to make a good decision and solve it.
a) throw some dice
b) consult your magic eight ball
c) take an aptitude test
d) gather the necessary information

OSHA is an organization that protects workers and employers when dealing with
a) Sharks
b) Safety
c) Security
d) Terrorism

An employer who refuses to hire you because of your race is guilty of:
a) dessemination
b) distribution
c) discrimination
d) decimalization

All of the following are employment-related laws except:
a) The Civil Rights Act of 1964.
b) The Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1969.
c) The Age Discrimination Act of 1967.
d) The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.

A performance evaluation:
a) is job feedback from your co-workers.
b) the process of judging how well you are doing on the job.
c) is not usually part of any job.
d) None of the choices are correct.

A labor union is:
a) many women giving birth at the same time.
b) a group of disinterested workers.
c) a group of workers who have joined together to protect their rights.
d) None of the choices are correct.

Which of the following are aspects of cooperation?
a) All of the choices are correct
b) Getting along with others on the job
c) Following orders on the job
d) Taking criticism

The output of a worker is known as:
a) items
b) productivity
c) vacation time
d) hourly wages

Quality of work means:
a) how much work you get done each day
b) how well a job is performed
c) getting work done fast so you can leave early
d) All of these choices are correct

An employee orientation program is:
a) a meeting with fellow employees.
b) a meeting at which someone is told he or she has been fired.
c) a program from which a new employee learns about a company's policies and procedures.
d) a meeting at which a new employee is drug tested.

_________________________ is the unspoken communication that passes between people via physical movements, expressions, and gestures.
a) Body Language
b) Sign Language
c) LInquistics
d) Correct Posture

All of the following are ways to apply for a job EXCEPT:
a) in person
b) by telephone
c) by email
d) by text message

Having this available when filling out a job application can help you complete the form faster and with more accuracy.
a) Resume'
b) Personal Data Sheet
c) Drivers Lisense
d) Classified Ad

__________________ is a one-page description of your personal history and qualifications for a job.
a) Personal Data Sheet
b) Lead Card
c) Resume'
d) Job classified ad

Which of the following is not information that should be included on a job-lead card?
a) Source and date
b) Company name, address, phone and type of position
c) Your birth date and social security number
d) Person to contact and company website if they have one

An entry-level job requires:
a) at least one year of job experience
b) little to no job experience
c) that you be bi-lingual
d) that you be at least 21 years old

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