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Which of the following stated that the United States would not tolerate European intervention in Latin America? (8.5E)
a) A. Alien and Sedition Acts
b) B. XYZ Affair
c) C. Treaty of Ghent
d) D. Monroe Doctrine

How did Washington's Farewell Address influence American foreign policy? (8.5E)
a) A. The United States attempted to remain neutral with foreign powers through the 19th century.
b) B. The United States attempted to gain territory across the Americas.
c) C. The United States led attempts to form international organizations that would seek peace.
d) D. The United States sought new trading relationships with Asian powers.

In 1812, President James Madison urged Congress to declare war on Britain. Madison justified his request based mainly on his belief that – (8.5E)
a) A. Britain had violated the neutrality of the United States
b) B. a previous treaty required the United States to assist France
c) C. Britain planned to establish new colonies in North America
d) D. the United States could gain new territory and annex Canada

The Monroe Doctrine stated that— (8.5E)
a) A. the United States was a free and independent country
b) B. the United States would declare war on any country that supports slavery
c) C. the United States would not purchase any more tea from England
d) D. the United States would not tolerate European intervention in Latin America

Which speech states that the United States should attempt to remain neutral with foreign powers? (8.5E)
a) A. Washington’s Farewell Address
b) B. The Gettysburg Address
c) C. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech”
d) D. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

In 1812, President James Madison argued that Britain had violated the neutrality of the United States in order to convince Congress to– (8.5E)
a) A. declare war on Great Britain
b) B. pass the Alien and Sedition Acts
c) C. declare war on Native Americans
d) D. declare “Party in the U.S.A.” the national anthem

What was the major provision of the Embargo Act passed by Congress in 1807? (8.13A)
a) A. The act declared war on both England and France.
b) B. The act established a trade agreement with Canada and Latin America
c) C. The act stopped all trade between the United States and other countries
d) D. The act expanded the country’s navy in preparation for war with England.

How did the disruption in Atlantic shipping during the War of 1812 affect the U.S. economy? (8.13A)
a) A. Imports of raw materials increased in the Northeast.
b) B. Americans immigrated to Europe to find manufacturing jobs.
c) C. Cotton sales from southern states to Europe increased.
d) D. American manufacturing expanded to provide replacements for foreign goods.

George Washington set a precedent for future presidents in all of the following ways EXCEPT—(8.22A)
a) A. Appointing cabinet members to advise and assist the president
b) B. Only serving 2 terms as president
c) C. Demanding to be called “His Majesty” or “His Excellency”

Which position did George Washington hold prior to being elected president? (8.22A)
a) A. Governor of Virginia
b) B. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
c) C. Attorney General
d) D. General of the Continental Army

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