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What precentage of Earth's water is fresh water?
a) 1%
b) 3%
c) 50%
d) 70%

Most fresh water on Earth is found in ____________.
a) Lakes
b) Rivers
c) Underground Rocks
d) Frozen Ice Sheets

Clay and granite are __________, meaning that water canont pass through easily.
a) permeable
b) saturated
c) Unsaturated
d) Impermable

Water that fills the spaces in underground rock layers is called
a) Salt water
b) Rain water
c) groundwater
d) Water vapor

A lake that stores water for human use is called?
a) reservior
b) dam
c) crater lake
d) pond

Which of the following is not a type of fresh water wetland?
a) marsh
b) swamp
c) lake
d) bog

Most earthquakes are caused by
a) The tilting of Earth's axis
b) Underground water erosion
c) Pressure from within Earth
d) the moon's gravitational pull

Which type of volcano would form over millions of years due to explosive and non explosive eruptions
a) composite
b) dome
c) shield
d) cinder-cone

The major process(es) that wear down whole mountain ranges is _______
a) deposition
b) heat and pressure
c) mealting and cooling
d) weathering and erosion

Which of the following is not an agent of erosion?
a) Heat
b) Wind
c) Water
d) Glacier

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