Physical Science - Chapter 6 Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 2270)

Forces & Motion.

Which of the following is NOT an example of projectile motion?
a) the path of a leaping frog
b) the path of a crate sliding along flat ground
c) the path of an arrow through the air
d) the path of a pitched baseball

If a tennis ball, a solid rubber ball, and a solid steel ball were dropped at the same time from the same height, which would hit the ground first? (Assume there is no air resistance.)
a) All would hit at the same time
b) The solid steel ball would hit first
c) The solid rubber ball would hit first
d) The tennis ball would hit first

Which of the following objects has the least acceleration?
a) an empty shopping cart pushed with a hard force
b) an empty shopping cart pushed with a light force
c) a full shopping cart pushed with a hard force
d) a full shopping cart pushed with a light force

When a moving bumper car collides with a bumper car at rest, which of the following occurs?
a) Momentum is transferred to the car at rest
b) Momentum is transferred to the moving car
c) Momentum is transferred to the ground
d) There is no transfer of momentum

A crumpled piece of paper hits the ground before a flat sheet of paper because
a) the acceleration of gravity is greater on the crumpled paper
b) there is more air resistance against the flat paper
c) the crumpled paper is more massive
d) the crumpled paper is less massive

Orbital motion is a combination of forward motion and...
a) frictional resistance
b) horizontal acceleration
c) free fall
d) weightlessness

A 5 kg object has less inertia than an object with a mass of
a) 4 kg.
b) 2 kg
c) 6kg
d) 3kg

According to Newton’s first law of motion, a object in motion that is not acted on by an unbalanced force will
a) remain in motion
b) change its momentum
c) . eventually come to a stop
d) accelerate

A cue ball rolls with a velocity of 1.0m/s east toward a stationary billiard ball. Both balls have identical masses. What happens to the total momentum after the two balls collide?
a) It is greater than the original momentum of the cue ball
b) It is equal to the momentum before the collision
c) It is less than the original momentum of the cueball
d) It is equal to zero

Why do astronauts in orbiting spacecraft appear weightless?
a) Nothing in space exerts a force of gravity on the astronauts.
b) The astronauts are in free fall along with the spaceship.
c) The astronauts have no mass in space.
d) The spaceship exerts equal force on an astronaut from all sides.

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