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Name the compound CrO2.
a) chromium (II) oxide
b) chromium (IV) oxide
c) chromium (IV) oxygen
d) chromium oxide

Name the compound Sr3(PO4)2.
a) strontium phosphide
b) strontium phosphite
c) strontium phosphate
d) strontium (II) phosphate

What is the name of CoBr2.
a) cobalt bromide
b) cobalt dibromide
c) cobalt (II) bromide
d) cobalt (II) dibromide

What is the name of BCl3?
a) boron chloride
b) boron trichloride
c) monoboron trichloride
d) boron (III) chloride

Write the name for AlBr3.
a) aluminum tribromide
b) aluminum bromide
c) aluminum (III) bromide
d) monoaluminum tribromide

Name the compound PbO2.
a) Lead (IV) oxide
b) Lead oxide
c) Lead (II) oxide
d) Lead dioxide

What is the name for Ca(ClO3)2 ?
a) calcium carbide
b) calcium perchlorate
c) calcium hypochlorite
d) calcium chlorate

What is the name for Co3(PO4)2?
a) cobalt phosphide
b) cobalt (III) phosphate
c) cobalt (II) phosphate
d) cobalt (II) phosphite

What is the name for KClO?
a) potassium chlorate
b) potassium hypochlorite
c) potassium chloride
d) potassium chlorite

Name the compound CF4.
a) carbon fluoride
b) carbon (IV) fluoride
c) carbon tetrafluoride
d) tetracarbon monofluoride

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